Wisconsin tribes use ancient tool against Walker agenda

I suppose you’ve heard the news by now?: Six tribes declared their intentions to spear 59,399 walleyes in off-reservation lakes.

Today WPR did a 1 1/2 minute piece featuring exasperated northerners talking about how tourists from Minnesota and Chicago might not come to the northwoods of Wisconsin for only 1 fish per day.

Suddenly the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is opining that “Wisconsin legislators should pay attention to Chippewa bands’ message”!

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel even mentioned the wolf hunt.

I did one of these:


It’s as if The Tribes have set off Wisconsin’s official Fish Depletion Alarm and only they can turn it off.

In the past, only 10 lakes would be spearfished enough to bring angler limits down to 1 walleye per day. Now the DNR estimates 197 lakes will go down to 1 walleye/day, 331 will go down to 2 fish/day, and seven lakes will have a 3/day limit.

Nevermind that some number of those prime fishing lakes are already officially slated for poisoning by an open pit mine – or two or three? I mean HEY – We HAVE been told the state has a miner on the flag.


Officially, the expanded spearing has nothing to do with mining next to somebody’s sacred rice beds.

Officially the expanded spearing has nothing to do with the law to allow hunting of Wisconsin wolves with dog packs (the only bloodsport wolf hunt of that nature in the U.S.)

Officially the spearfishing has zero to do with disrespectful treatment of native tribes by a certain bullheaded Governor.

Unofficially we know it has everything to do with those things.

If you went to the Hurley hearing back in January of 2012 you heard people talking about spearfishing as a bargaining chip.

By that time in Walker’s administration, Wisconsin had watched the masses assemble in Madison to be ridiculed and/or ignored by their Republican pols and Knot trolls. Wisconsin watched the recalls fail.
Wisconsin watched Walker trot out one dirty tactic and dirty industry out after another.

If a fishing spear is a tool at the disposal of native peoples, I completely understand that they need to use it. It’s completely legal and used only after ignored hearings and protests.

They have my solidarity and support.

Here’s a flyer for the March 22nd “Lighting the 7th Fire” fundraiser for the Bad River Defense Fund. It will be held at the Legendary Waters Resort and Casino in Red Cliff, WI.


Here’s some information on the history of spearfishing in Wisconsin and the agreements in tribal treaties.


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