Brother Ali’s new video: Work Everyday

It took 44 years but I’m in a music video, now. Well, me and a lot of other Wisconsin friends.

Watch Brother Ali’s new video for the song “Work Everyday”. You might be in there too – maybe as just another essential person in the crowd or maybe you’re up there on the stage in Madison with Tom Morello and the whole shebang.

At the end of the video, you’ll see Brother Ali get arrested. That’s when he’s with the Minnesota group Occupy Homes.

“Brother Ali’s support has been invaluable, from supporting Monique White, a North Minneapolis homeowner who won an incredible 11th hour victory to save her family from foreclosure, to committing an act of civil disobedience on behalf of the Cruz family where 39 arrests took place across five eviction attempts to defend their home from a fraudulent foreclosure. Most recently he is standing with Rose McGee who is currently facing the threat of imminent eviction.”

Learn more about what Occupy Homes MN is doing HERE.

Buy Brother Ali’s work and see where he’ll perform next over at RhymeSavers.

Here’s more video from that legendary pre-recall June 2nd, 2012 concert in Madison.

And here’s what I wrote back then: Come on if you’re comin’: Reflections, Pics, Video of the Tom Morello GOTV Concert, Madison


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