Who I’m voting for Tuesday, Madison 2nd district edition.

More resources on local Madison races:
South Central Federation of Labor endorsements – includes Madison, Dane County, Fitchburg, Sun Prairie, Stoughton, Oregon, Verona, Mount Horeb, Mayville, Columbia County, Jefferson County

Candidates Tapped as Most Likely to Solve City’s Housing Crisis – Forward Lookout

Capital Times endorsements


Here’s my personal vote cheat sheet:
Clicking the name takes you to the campaign web site.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction – VOTE FOR ONE
** TONY EVERS (Non-Partisan)
DON PRIDEMORE (Non-Partisan)

** ED FALLONE (Non-Partisan)

** RHONDA L. LANFORD (Non-Partisan)
REBECCA ST. JOHN (Non-Partisan)

I’ll be writing-in Ed Kuharski’s name.

** LEDELL ZELLERS (Non-Partisan)
BRYAN POST (Non-Partisan)

[Madison] School Board Member (Seat 3) – Madison Metropolitan School District – VOTE FOR ONE
** DEAN LOUMOS (Non-Partisan)
WAYNE STRONG (Non-Partisan)

[Madison] School Board Member (Seat 4) – Madison Metropolitan School District – VOTE FOR ONE
JAMES HOWARD (Non-Partisan)
** GREG PACKNETT (Non-Partisan)

[Madison] School Board Member (Seat 5) – Madison Metropolitan School District – VOTE FOR ONE
SARAH MANSKI (Non-Partisan)
**TJ MERTZ (Non-Partisan)

Why I’ve chosen the way I have:

Tony Evers for Superintendent of Public Instruction
Evers’ opponent, Don Pridemore, is pro-voucher schools and a long shot to win due to him being what the experts call “batshit crazy”.

He was one of the 9 Wisconsin politicians to answer “yes” when asked in a survey if he would support nullification of Obamacare and arrest of federal officials that attempt to “implement the unconstitutional health care scheme”.

On March 14th, a pro-voucher schools group out of Michigan (EAG) ran a story about students being made to wear white wristbands in a white privilege training program – -and Pridemore cosigned on that. It was all very compelling and right wing dander raising however no such white wristband wearing ever existed in Wisconsin.

On March 25th, ‘White Privilege’ Doctrine, Launched By Current DPI, Extends Its Reach” appeared on Pridemore’s site.

On March 28th Pridemore said DPI should eliminate its American Indian mascot policy (he then softened the message a few hours later). MJS has more on it if you’re curious.

Honestly, I’ve covered only 1/10 of the fertile comedic ground that is Don Pridemore but we are seeking sanity with this vote, not material for Stephen Colbert.

Below you can see a video of Evers speaking to about 200 members of the Kettle Moraine UniServ Council:
“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what the priority is here,” Evers said. “It’s not public schools. It’s voucher schools. It’s privatization, and don’t let anybody tell you differently.”
“We can’t allow this to happen,” he said.

Ed Fallone for WI Supreme Court Justice

It’s not to say that Ed Fallone is a “lefty” or “liberal”. It is that Ed Fallone is simply a professional. An honorable stickler. Given that, if he were elected, the unbreakable conservative majority on the court would be breakable.

In truth, I would never be inclined to vote for a conservative like Roggensack. But to be clear, Roggensack is no ordinary conservative. She is a conservative of the Wisconsin variety uniquely prone to — what do we call it in ‘civil’ company? “Nefarious activity?” “Shenanigans”? As illusory tenant described it, Roggensack was part of authoring “a meanspirited, lawless order” to defeat Wisconsin Act 10 and that following that decision Roggensack led “her little posse of alleged “conservatives” into Justice Bradley’s chambers to insist on its immediate publication to allay the concerns of Republican allies”.

There’s more I could go into such as who backs her financially and the fact that her creative definition of legal ethics was so glaring it made the New York Times, but … yeah. It’s spring. Birds are singing. I’d like to go outside and walk around like non-bloggers do.

Vote Fallone.

More: Supreme Court Candidate Forum dated 3/6/13 on WisEye

Steve Walters interview of Ed Fallone on WisEye dated 3/19/13


Lanford for Dane County Circuit Court Judge, Branch 16
I’ll allow Rhonda Lanford’s letter below speak for itself.

Dear Editor: I write in response to my opponent’s charge that I have “distorted” and “misstated” her views on the role of the judiciary. In fact, I have neither “distorted” nor “misstated” her views – I have quoted them verbatim from her application to Gov. Walker.

In her application, she states that the best case in 30 years is the Henley case, written by Justice Gableman, that restricts a trial court’s inherent authority to act in the interest of justice. She states that this is the best case because it “affirms the Legislature’s proper authority to construct and limit the mechanisms by which the judiciary appropriately exercise its power.” Armstrong is the worst case, in her opinion, because “the Supreme Court recognized power not given to it.”

Her statements represent a fundamental difference in our judicial philosophy. I could not disagree more with my opponent’s choice of “best” and “worst” cases. I do not believe the Legislature should have the power to limit the trial court’s ability to act in the interest of justice. The judiciary is a co-equal branch of government, and its power to act is derived from the Constitution, as noted by Justices Abrahamson, Bradley and Crooks in the Henley dissent.

Voters have a right to know a judicial candidate’s philosophy about the role of the courts in our democracy. I am supported by Congressman Mark Pocan, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, MTI, Wisconsin Progress, Fair Wisconsin and many others. I ask for your vote on April 2.
— hosted at Madison.com, published March 28, 2013

Ed Kuharski for Dane County Executive
Every vote for Ed sends a message to Joe Parisi that when citizens advocate this persistently and passionately for homeless people in your county it’s a big god damn deal and you should snap to attention.

Ledell Zellers for Madison Alderperson District 2
Zellers is endorsed by Affordable Housing Action Alliance of Madison, so she’s my pick.

Dean Loumos for School Board Seat 3
My pick is Dean Loumos because he served 17 years as the executive director of Housing Initiatives Inc. and, to be honest, when I see Karen Vieth give somebody her blessing, that’s powerful.

Greg Packnett for School Board Seat 4
Here I’ll admit it: I come in with a bias in favor of Greg based on the fact that I know that Greg has endured the free speech battles/discussions that are ongoing at the Capitol building. I am also partial to him since he works for Rep. Penny Bernard Schaber (D-Appleton) who is incredible.

TJ Mertz for School Board Seat 5
I know there is much ire over Sarah Manski dropping out of the race in this slot at the last minute. It gave folks in Madison the much-needed opportunity to rage against privileged white left wing middle class arrogance. But for the record T.J. ain’t in that set of people and he is not engaged in a conspiracy. I was frankly delighted the moment I learned T.J. would run in the election. T.J. eats, breathes, drinks, and lives public education. I think this is what he is supposed to be doing with his life. (Wish I had the same certainty about what I’m supposed to be doing with MY LIFE.)

Should the state of Wisconsin continue to allow people to register to vote at the polls on Election Day? Yes ___ No ___

If you’re uncertain on this one, roll the video. Meg Ryan has the correct response.


*Polls are open from 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM.
*Know where your polling place is.

How to take a look at what’s going to be on your ballot.

Go to https://myvote.wi.gov/

It looks like this:
Wisconsin Voter Information

Assuming you are a “Regular Voter”, then you clock on Regular Voter and then you get something like what you see below. You do not have to divulge vital personal information to G.A.B. over the net just to get to a sample ballot. Click on the image below for the trick around that.
my vote website

Find Madison-specific vote info at the City Clerk web site.


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