Il Duce would approve of move to “speed up” Wisconsin courts

Wisconsin Teapublicans do not like judges finding their laws unconstitutional. That’s why they’re releasing an unconstitutional bill to revive unconstitutional bills.

Rep. David Craig, a Republican from West Bend, is sponsoring a new bill that puts a stay on a judge’s block WHEN the judge’s block is appealed.

He does not like the current routine which goes something like this:
1) Scott Walker signs unconstitutional law.
2) Somebody files to block law in court on grounds it’s unconstitutional.
3) Circuit judge says “Yup. Unconstitutional. Blocking it.”
4) WI GOP or its equivalent files to appeal judge’s decision, and while waiting for said appeal, the law remains blocked

That does not engender “stability” says Rep. Craig.

But former state Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske said “To statutorily undo a court order before another court has acted on it is clearly to me an infringement on a court’s independence, and I don’t think it will withstand constitutional scrutiny”

Say what you will about these Republicans but they make the courts run on time.

Read more at Wisconsin GOP lawmakers want to limit impact of courts
Former Justice Janine Geske says proposal violates balance of power



3 thoughts on “Il Duce would approve of move to “speed up” Wisconsin courts

  1. Some of our state supreme court justices have a little problem with separation of powers, too. Who better than themselves to decide whether they should recuse themselves?. Just because some parties may have made campaign contributions to them or because their families will be affected by the outcome? Really. No problem here. Don’t need no pesky oversight or regulation by outsiders. Walker is not the only state official in need of remedial high school civics; we seem to be overrun with the weasels these days.

  2. Apparently Ill Douche doesn’t remember his basic civics about separation of powers to keep checks and balances in government.

    I can’t wait for the courts to toss him out on his ass over his “I reserve the right to trump your legal finding” bullshit.

    That’s what you get when you have a sociopath with a Napoleon complex as a governor.

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