Paul Ryan’s abortion-speak nonsense

If you’re an avid consumer of online news and opinion and also female, I propose to you that we conduct an experiment sometime. In this experiment we record how many hours go by before we encounter a story to remind us of the effort to give us less rights than a zygote – even if it results in our death.

That’s what I got to thinking after reading about Paul Ryan over at Root River Siren.

And that’s why I’d like the record to show today that I want women to someday be free, respected, powerful, full-fledged citizens in all of these United States.

Speaking yesterday before the virulent anti-choice group, the Susan B. Anthony List, Paul Ryan gave the ladies what they were hoping for – some old fashioned “barefoot and pregnant” type abortion-speak nonsense.

Go to “Slow Day? Howabout Lunch And An Abortion” at Root River Siren for the rest of the story.


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