Ron Johnson’s wallet has 6 revolving chambers

Jeff Simpson at Cog.Dis says, “The Senate republicans, including our own Ron Johnson, threatened to filibuster the gun bill and not even allow it to be debated! The threat of filibuster, turned out to be an empty threat as the gun bill passed the cloture motion and will now go before the full senate for debate.”

As to WHY Ron “Our Dumb Senator” Johnson cares so deeply about keeping America’s “well-regulated milita” defined as an adult with enough cash for a 38, the answer’s over at Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

If you’re left wondering why the filibuster threat fizzled, well, some say it was the booze, boats, ‘n’ babes.

I don’t have inside info on allegedly sexy Democrats.
I will say this: Lefties are notoriously hot.


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