A who’s who of Milwaukee County plutocrats

You can watch a public hearing on SB95  today on wiseye.org.  

Thanks go to Cognitive Dissidence for pointing out a who’s who of Milwaukee-area heavies that want to run the joint – a list of people that spoke or registered for the Plutocracy Bill at the Assembly’s public hearing (held in Madison but not in Milwaukee). “*

Shall we see if the same people come out today to testify for companion bill SB95?  Play along at home!

Capper says that out of the lot of them, only 2 are not “Teapublicans, their staffers or members of the Greater Milwaukee Committee (GMC)”. The list:

  • Joe Sanfelippo – Representative – 15th Assembly District (Teapublican)
  • Bob Delaporte – Senator Alberta Darling (Teapublican
  • Chris Abele – County Executive – Milwaukee County (GMC)
  • Rich Muessen – Badger Meter (A Diane Hendricks grade teahadist)
  • Chas Mulcahy (GMC county task force member)
  • Julia Taylor – Greater Milwaukee Committee
  • Paul Tittl – Representative – 25th District (Teapublican)
  • Joseph Rice (Teapublican rumored to be doing work for GMC)
  • Lena Taylor – Senator – 4th Senate District (sell out Democrat)
  • Jason Fields – Global Ex, LLC (Also the front man for the GMC front group)
  • Tia Torhorst (Former Abele aide)
  • Michael Neitzke – Mayor – City of Greenfield
  • Steve Scaffidi – Mayor – City of Oak Creek
  • Brian Schopper – Greater Milwaukee Committee
  • Orville Seymer – CRG Network
  • Deanna Alexander – Supervisor – Milwaukee County Board
  • Alonzo Kelly (GMC)
  • Leah Vukmir – Senator – 5th Senate District
  • George Mitchell (education profiteer)


On plutocrats/plutocracy

I’m not in the habit of using the word “plutocrat” or “plutocracy”.  It’s not that I don’t like these words. It’s just that they lack the sting I’m looking for when I’m getting down to name-calling.

The first definition of plutocracy per Merriam Webster is simply “government by the wealthy”. The 2nd is “a controlling class of the wealthy”. For some reason I’d come to think of blatant plutocracies to be a thing of ancient times.  But there are modern bonafide no-doubt-about-it plutocracies:

From the wikipedia entry on plutocracy: “Another contemporary example involves the municipalities of Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake, Florida. Both are owned and governed by The Walt Disney Company as per state statutes. The only landowners are fully owned subsidiaries of Disney, and right-of-way for state and county roads, and the only residents are Disney employees”

Disney. A nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

The ancient area of London is another modern plutocracy:  “More than two-thirds of its voters are not residents, but rather representatives of businesses and other bodies that occupy premises in the City, with votes distributed according to their number of employees.”

That same wiki. entry says the plutocratic part of London is mostly the financial district.  How telling.  That’s also the locus for the international LIBOR scandal.

It so gosh-that’s-interesting from a distance.  Now this political extreme is close to home, hitting our state’s most populous city tucked in our most populous county which happens to be the entire country’s most racially segregated region containing the nation’s 4th poorest city inside a ring of very wealthy and very white suburbs.

I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.   It’s the wealthy that can.

Even with the weak amendments proposed for AB85 and SB95 I expect Milwaukee County will be dragged close to true plutocracy.   Hell, our dear state of Wisconsin and our country are sliding every day closer into the abyss of “government by the wealthy” and in broad daylight.

We all need to keep magnifying the daylight until it becomes a spotlight on this.

I don’t want to switch to the term “feudal”.


*If there’s any confusion, the “Plutocracy Bill” is Assembly Bill 85 – the bill that shifts power from Milwaukee County supervisors to Milwaukee County’s executive.


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