Restitution hearing for Walker’s buddy Tim Russell today. Meanwhile back at the scene of the crime…

“Timothy D. Russell is scheduled for a restitution hearing Friday afternoon. The 49-year-old pleaded guilty in November to felony theft and was sentenced in January to two years in prison.”WMTV

A former top aide of Scott Walker will go to prison for two years.

Russell worked in ground zero for a slate of shady activities: Walker’s former Milwaukee County executive office. Six of Scott Walker’s associates and/or cronies were charged in all, but The Executive Eagle Scout needed only to “cooperate” with authorities. He was not charged.

The locus of their conniving – the Milwaukee County Executive’s Office – will be handed a heaping plate of additional power AFTER the TeaPublcan Wisconsin legislature passes a bill. It’s another one of those tough choices that shaves off democratic representation and it’s, as always, imposed from above.

So yeah –
Walkergate-Central gets more power.

Which has a lot of people doing this:
huh gif

This is why the complaints about Walker’s almost certain run for president are so light. We’d LOVE to see him and his schemes torn apart at the national level.

Walker will find no “civility” there.

For the benefit of the generations to come, I’ve captured a bit of the WMTV web site which shows Governor Boy Wonder gazing out over the sand-mined landscape [well, in my imagination that’s what he sees] right next to news of buddy Tim Russell’s restitution hearing.
Restitution Hearing Looms for Former Walker Aide


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