Senator Ron Johnson to speak at St. Norbert College, Wed. May 1, 9AM

Hey everybody!
Let’s go see Ron Johnson!

We can ask him very nicely why he voted against gun background checks, right? See Root River Siren’s hilarious post for inspiration in this department.

Or review what The Chief wrote on that in “Ron Johnson’s Justification for voting against Reasonable Gun Control Legislation is Based on a Lie”

Or maybe your own burning question is instead will he quit fear-mongering about debt now that the austerity study by Reinhart and Rogoff has been freshly shredded?

The invite below came from the St. Norbert College Republicans facebook page:

“Just to let all of you know. We will have U.S. Senator Ron Johnson coming to speak at campus next week. Information to the event is as follows:

When: Wednesday, May 1 9:00 A.M.
Where: St. Norbert College-Ft. Howard Theater- F.K. Bemis Center
What: Senator Johnson’s presentation will focus on the state of our national economy and related issues including Social Security, the national debt and health care. He will speak for 30 minutes, and then accept questions from the audience.

The event is free and open to the general public. Hope to see you all there.”

4  St. Norbert College Republicans


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