12% cash reserve for our UW system? Radio callers say it’s “prudent”.

Right about now I really appreciate getting news that the common Wisconsinite still has common sense.

Such came to me via the always pleasing blogger Tim Morrissey (Pleasing, I might add, even when he does not exactly see things my way. Could be it’s because this guy knows how to write.)

Tim says he was listening to the radio on the way to the gym. Mitch Henck’s show to be exact. The topic on Mitch’s show turned to the supposedly outrageous 12% cash reserve that the University of Wisconsin System of colleges has set aside for various things.

AM radio host Mitch was ranting against it in line with a certain right wing “CPA Caucus”.

The callers, however, did not fall in line.

“The next caller was a woman, who also said she thought it was prudent. Mitch said “well, you must not be the parent of a UW student, because the parents are the ones who are getting jabbed here”. The woman paused a beat, and then said “I put two kids through the UW. I had to take a second job to do it, but I did it. And I think they got a great education and I think the 648 million dollar reserve is prudent”. Wisely, Mitch moved on.”

Tim never heard a caller chime in with Mitch’s rant. Could it be … could it be that the public sees right through the inflated rhetoric of Robin Vos and his gang of right wing accountants?

Please read the whole post over at Rifles At Dawn.


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