“Anchor Babies”: Hispanic outreach Paul Ryan-style


Somebody got a little footage of Paul Ryan using the phrase “anchor babies” (good for you – whoever you are).

What can you expect from the running mate of Mitt Romney? Romney called people “illegals” during his ENTIRE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN.

“That’s what they call it, anchor babies. It’s a person who comes and has a child here, if you’re born here you’re a naturalized citizen. You have to change the constitution…”

As long as we’re on this topic…

Here’s the definition:
anchor baby
n. Offensive Used as a disparaging term for a child born to a noncitizen mother in a country that grants automatic citizenship to children born on its soil, especially when the child’s birthplace is thought to have been chosen in order to improve the mother’s or other relatives’ chances of securing eventual citizenship. – American Heritage Dictionary

Here’s how it’s been used by the garden variety conservative in recent history:
“People come here to have babies. They come here to drop a child. It’s called ‘drop and leave.’”
– Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) – 2010

[Jesus Criminy but that is fucking offensive.]

For the record, this claim by Graham is B.S. Here’s some truthiness on the matter:

“Citizen children cannot sponsor parents for entry into the country until they are 21 years of age, and if the parent had ever been in the country illegally, they would have to show they had left and not returned for at least ten years; however, pregnant and nursing mothers could receive free food vouchers through the federal WIC (Women, Infants and Children) program and enroll the children in Medicaid.”

You’ve heard of President Obama’s “charm offensive”.
The Republicans are on a continued “offensive offensive” despite all promises and attempts.

Case in point was the pouncing Republicans committed upon Labor Secretary nominee Thomas Perez:
“it was literally the same day Reince Priebus stood up at the National Press Club to warn his party that they have to refrain from saying and doing addle-brained things that alienate Latinos that certain members of the party stepped forward and said and did addle-brained things that alienate Latinos.”

It’s clear that there is no cure for Republican foot-in-mouth syndrome – at least when it comes to the Hispanic voter. That’s why the party will fall back to their solution for so many “issues”: vote suppression.


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