Another abrupt resignation at WEDC after 27 News questions Gillespie’s unpaid taxes, unemployment insurance

Today brings news of another sudden resignation at Scott Walker’s scandal-ridden jobs agency, WEDC. This is the 2nd abrupt retreat of a high level employee at WEDC in the last 2 weeks.

After Madison’s 27 News revealed that the Public Information Officer for WEDC, John Gillespie, owes close to $45,000 in back taxes and unemployment insurance to the State of Wisconsin, the man quit.

It sounds as if Gillespie quit rapidly after he was questioned about the situation by Greg Neumann and Channel 27 on Monday afternoon.

Visit to get more on the story.

The previous resignation was by Chief Financial Officer Scott Bowers who stepped down only 24 hours after assuming his work duties at WEDC at the end of April. Bowers was to be WEDC’s third CFO in only two years.

At the end of April, the state’s non-partisan Legislative Audit Bureau released an audit on WEDC that brought on a fresh wave of condemnation against the public-private jobs agency.

“We already knew WEDC handled $517 million dollars 2011 – 2012 (most of it from the taxpayers) and as of February 2013 they had lost track of $56 million of that. * Now we also know that businesses commonly wheel ‘n’ deal over contracts with WEDC and in several cases they didn’t even make actual jobs (nevermind the state statute that says WEDC has to make jobs come out of those contracts). We learn there’s no worry about conflict of interest at WEDC and we learn that there was no real enforcement of wage requirements despite contract provisions that guaranteed %150 of federal minimum wage minimum. We also learn that employees got to use their WEDC cards to buy questionable stuff like $1,789 in Badger football tickets and we find out that not so much as a notebook was used to track millions in loans. To top it off, we learn that you don’t even have to ask and WEDC’ll give you a $100K or more extra.

How many jobs came out of this circus? L.A.B. concludes, “ is difficult to assess the accuracy and completeness of the number of jobs that WEDC reported having been created or retained”.

Meaning, we really don’t know.”

That summary is from my May 1st blue cheddar post on L.A.B.’s audit entitled, “Scott Walker’s job makin’ agency WEDC is sloppy as a hog in mud”

I also provided a hefty collection of scandalous detail in the October 2012 post, Walker’s corporate welfare sh*t finally hitting fan: WEDC


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