About foodshare, the Dalai Lama, and getting stuck in the barnyard

So I learned that the Dalai Lama will be speaking to the Wisconsin legislature on May 14th. To be more accurate, he will speak to the Wisconsin _Assembly_.
(Even worse.)

The image that came to my mind was of Saint Francis of Assisi blessing the animals. Or even the priest coming out to my Uncle Al’s farm to bless the whole thing including the steers and several cows, incense everywhere.

I tried to dispel the mental picture thinking it an insult to the Assembly.

Then I read about the votes some Dems took on the foodshare bill and … I changed my mind and thought my comparison was an insult to the barnyard.
I have since that time simmered down.

I suspect that in due time you and I are going to figure out why they voted for a meaningless bill that reminds poor folks who has the upper hand – a bill that can’t go anywhere because the USDA will tell the state it can’t make up its own restrictions on what foodshare recipients buy anyway.

I suspect it is related to a deal with the devil [Republicans] to secure money for public education K-12 and siphon more money to the road lobby — with the discovered moola coming from the UW’s “slush fund”. Or something like that.

Legislators don’t tell any secrets to bloggers like me.


Until the ‘grassroots’ of Wisconsin’s political world feels that the vote makes some kind of sense, the Dem peeps who voted “yay” on this bill will be in the dog house.

Or in the barnyard with this gal:


Do you suppose they would dare arrest 17 people for taking pictures in the gallery in front of the Dalai Lama?

The cow image comes from gb_packards and appears here under a limited-use creative commons license.


One thought on “About foodshare, the Dalai Lama, and getting stuck in the barnyard

  1. Scott Walker is perhaps the greatest Buddhist. He’s certainly working hard to prove to Wisconsinites that ‘Life is suffering’

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