Marquette polls WI on presidential hopefuls, vouchers, state budget, gun background checks

A newly released Marquette Law School Poll looks at the following:
2016 presidential candidates
Walker’s job as governor
Voucher school expansion
Budget items
UW funding
Background checks for gun sales

I’m just about to step out the door and into my garden, so I’ll just pull out the guns part.

“Following the U.S. Senate vote against a bill expanding background checks on gun sales, 72 percent say they support background checks on private sales of guns and at gun shows, while 26 percent oppose such background checks. In March, before the Senate vote, 81 percent supported and 18 percent opposed these background checks. As in the March poll, majorities of both gun owners (67 percent) and non-owners (78 percent) favored background checks. Forty-four percent of respondents said they own a gun.”

I wonder how Wisconsin’s governor, who is rated A+ by the NRA, feels about that.

See more on the poll at Marquette’s web site.


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