Brace yourself. Scott Walker has “new data” on jobs. Meanwhile, old data remains buried.

I’m listening to John Coltrane play one of my favorite songs while I write this as I attempt to bring down my blood pressure. (Not kidding.) Blogging about politics reeeeally isn’t good for me.

Here’s what the “Governor Scott Walker” page said this morning:

Governor Scott Walker facebook update 05 16 2013

Look at that contradictory comment our governor got right away! Is that just some sassy citizen giving Our Dear Leader some backtalk?

Well, no.
In case you missed it – and I certainly forgive you if you did – the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s own recent report put Wisconsin at 45th in long-term job growth and 50th at short term job growth. We rank 44th overall.

wisconsin job rankings enterprising states us chamber 2013 page 81

source: full report (see page 81).

The Wisconsin press really did not get the Chamber’s data out there on the last go-round. Again, I am not kidding.

The only Wisconsin journalist* to give any respectable treatment to these stats was Mike Ivey of The Cap Times.

I searched the net for 20 minutes to double check on this back when Daily Kos blogger Puddytat pointed it out. I searched the net again today. Coming up empty handed.

Will the press help me maintain a healthy blood pressure AND help us all retain our sanity by at least referencing the U.S. Chamber’s numbers in the stories they do on Walker’s soon-to-be-released job numbers?

Probably not. Excuse me while I seek more John Coltrane tunes.

For the record:

Puddytat’s blog post:
Media Fail: Wis Won’t Know that Chamber of Commerce Says Scott Walkers Agenda Is NOT Working

Mike Ivey’s article:
Amid 1,000 layoffs in Wisconsin, Scott Walker gets no love from U.S. Chamber

Governor Scott Walker facebook page.

Write-up that accompanies the WI U.S. Chamber job rankings:

While it ranked 14th for its talent pipeline and workforce training, 16th in
exports, and 17th in infrastructure, Wisconsin’s overall performance in this
year’s report lagged behind, at 44th.

The state has seen some recovery
in employment levels, and Governor Scott Walker has continued to press
forward with his jobs and reform plans, pledging to create 250,000 new
jobs by 2015.

In addition to setting goals for job creation, Wisconsin has set goals for
export growth as a way to benchmark economic growth and progress.
The state is aiming to have $33 billion in exports by 2015, doubling levels
from a recessionary baseline of $16.5 billion in 2009. The state’s Export
Development Grant program offers companies that are new to exporting
small grants to help them get their trade strategy up and running. The
International Market Access Grant program offers grants to companies that
want to start exporting or expand their current level of trade.
The Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Network, launched through a partnership
between the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and the

University of Wisconsin, offers new and promising entrepreneurs access
to support networks, state programs, and the financial resources they
need to get up and running. The program offers qualified small business
owners access to early planning grants and technology assistance grants
designed to help nascent companies hire the outside expertise they need
to craft better business plans and get technology to market. The initiative
also includes a business assistance program that gives entrepreneurs
access to free meeting time with a business lawyer for valuable basic
counseling in the initial phases of launching their business.

Regulatory reform has also been on Wisconsin’s job creation agenda. In
2011, Governor Walker restructured the state’s Small Business Regulatory
Review Board, replacing government agency representatives with small
business owners. During 2012, the board gathered stakeholder input,
discussed potential reforms, and reviewed suggested modifications to
more than 300 government regulations.

Today’s writing music.

*I just know somebody’s going to slam me for not assuming bloggers are journalists. For the purposes of this post, a “Wisconsin journalist” refers to somebody who attempts to write in an unbiased manner [usually AP style] for a Wisconsin news outlet and is paid to work. I don’t think I am a “journalist”. I don’t get paid to do this, I write in whatever style I feel like using, I acknowledge my own bias, usually nobody edits my work, I don’t have any cozy relationships with politicians or corporations to protect, and I don’t use my legal name here.


2 thoughts on “Brace yourself. Scott Walker has “new data” on jobs. Meanwhile, old data remains buried.

  1. Didn’t realize that you were citing my post until I came on by.

    Scott Walker and the Republicans cannot claim victory because their electoral gains are virtually handed to them by the corporate media in our state who continue to ignore any story that might damage the GOP image. On the other hand they gladly stenograph propaganda and praise is always full throated.

    Voters cannot be held responsible for voting the way they do when our press fails to print the truth or the facts.

  2. Aw heck, what’s a little fraud, intellectual dishonesty, fudging of numbers and bending of rules anyway?..

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