Another Wisconsin mystery left unsolved. Deleters of redistricting files walk scot-free.

Well that’s that, then. Wisconsin has another great political mystery to add to the pile.

The mystery of who deleted all those redistricting files will get tossed in an Al Gore-brand lockbox along with the mystery of who left that box of ammo on the Capitol square in March of 2011 and exactly why the massage parlor 1 block from the Capitol building will never be shut down and why it is that all those ballot bags were discovered torn open over in Waukesha County during that Kloppenburg-Prosser recount and who exactly Scott Walker’s daughter is.*

As noted in the Wisconsin State Journal:
“The plaintiffs in a case that challenged Wisconsin’s 2011 redistricting agreed Wednesday to drop an effort to determine why Republicans failed to turn over records to them after finding no evidence of malicious intent.”

Nevermind that it was discovered that “afoltz” and “tottman” were logged into computers used while thousands of redistricting files were deleted – those files that were ordered turned over to the plaintiff Voces de la Frontera. Nevermind that those usernames sound eerily similar to the names “Adam Foltz” and “Tad Ottman” – two Republican pukes who’ve been pulling down $50K and $79,236 state salaries per year to toil out of the offices of Michael, Best, Friedrich, and Fuck-Up-Your-State-At-Great-Expense, which puts them in proximity to the most famous partner in the firm, RNC Chair Rience Preibus.

Nevermind that the 9 computer drives containing those files were “missing” for weeks. And please do not for a moment reflect on the fact that the entire Wisconsin redistricting process was so top-super-secret that Republican legislators had to sign secrecy agreements to view the maps.

According to Dee Hall’s WI State Journal article, plaintiff and defendant came to an agreement that there was no proof that there was “bad intent” involved in the deletion of thousands of files formerly in the possession of Michael, Best, and Friedrich.”

The report made to the court said
“Compliance with the plaintiffs’ subpoenas, and the court’s orders regarding them, by the Legislature, its employees, consultants and counsel was not complete,” according to the report, filed jointly by attorneys for both sides.”
“Whether such incompleteness was the result of inadvertence or ineptitude or otherwise cannot be determined.”

This blogger finds no statement about the matter on the Voces de la Frontera web site and a call to the Voces office today yielded no conversation on the matter as the director was in a meeting and the media guy was on vacation.

Here’s Dee Hall’s story:
Report: No evidence files deleted in bad faith in redistricting case

Why did they file this lawsuit in the first place?

Oh. Right. Let’s see.

Voces de la Frontera made the case that the population of the Latino community on Milwaukee’s south side had increased 44% and that as redrawn, Republican redistricting could only bring a potential majority of 40% to Latino voters in the area. So this means that South Milwaukee Latinos were being blocked from having “an effective voting majority” in the 8th Assembly district. Voces filed their federal case on October 31 of 2011.

What actually happened in the end was that districts 8 and 9 of Milwaukee got redrawn, Wisconsin Republicans got repeated scoldings from a 3-judge panel, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and a lot of bloggers got to write about this shit-show, and the taxpayers got to spend at least $1.9 million on the whole thing.

I will direct you to the very nicely compiled entry “Redistricting in Wisconsin” at ballotpedia for the blow-by-blow of the fight.

If you wanted to review who the suspected evidence deleters were, make a visit to the blue cheddar post Wisconsin’s “Creatures of the Dark”

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Madison massage parlor treasure trove of stories. I was referring to the Rising Sun parlor.

“Over 150 ballot bags containing tens of thousands of votes were found open, unsealed, or torn. Waukesha County had twice as many torn, open, or unsealed bags as every other county in the state combined.” – Joanne Kloppenburg concedes to Prosser. Calls for investigation of electoral process in Wisconsin. – 05/31/2011

*Scott Walker’s daughter is the “lovechild” who looks exactly like him. The girl that I’ve been assured personally exists without a doubt but who can’t be revealed cuz… cuz…cuz…wouldn’t be NICE.
Maybe somebody will be a courageous asshole someday and let that photo and information leak out.


4 thoughts on “Another Wisconsin mystery left unsolved. Deleters of redistricting files walk scot-free.

  1. I went to school with Adam Foltz. He was a douchebag then, and an even bigger douchebag now. Lock him up with the rest of the crooks.

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