Scott Walker’s Budget Fairy Tale is Grimm

This morning after reading Bruce Murphy’s piece on Walker’s budget, my mind turned to Red Riding Hood.

At the beginning of our tale, Wisconsin was “broke” and Walker had to put the screws to the unions to fix things. That was his story and he was stickin’ to it.

Now, due to a plan to borrow for a LOT of new roads* instead of raising the gas tax or other fees, Walker “could leave the transportation fund so in debt that 25 cents of every dollar would be spent on debt service by 2023”.

A couple of years ago Wisconsin conservatives naively stood by their wolf in governor’s clothing and said,
“Governor, what big budget cuts you give!”
He replied,
“All the better to make you rich!”

I know where this dialog goes.

“Governor what big debts you make!”
“All the better to privatize your state!”

This story sucks from start to finish.

Check out The Not-So Fiscally Conservative Governor.

red riding hood

*A LOT. It’s out of whack. Check out Highway Boom, Budget Bust from WISPIRG for the details.

wispirg highway boom budget bust 2013


One thought on “Scott Walker’s Budget Fairy Tale is Grimm

  1. I agree with everything you said….but the big BUT here is that under Doyle many of WI highways were left to crumble because the transportation budget was raided time and again ESPECIALLY here in Milwaukee. At least the highways are getting fixed safely under Scooter. Nothing ELSE has improved however……

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