All these political slush fund money pits should be exposed

This is a guest post by SleepinJeezus.  It regards the IRS “Scandal”.

It is troubling if in fact the Obama Administration targeted these outfits on a purely political basis. But I also know these astroturf groups have raised plenty of red flags on their own that would indicate an audit is justified – indeed, that a determination of their eligibility as privileged non-political actors is required, IMO.

I simply cannot get on board with the Faux outrage that has the rest of the media in such a breathless frenzy. We are being played here – arguably by “both sides” in this supposedly two-party political system – to paint Rove and the Koch Brothers and Armey, et. al., as victims here instead of truly exploring the far more serious issues of just how dangerous are the impacts of FEC v. Citizen’s United on our democracy.

We’d be far better served if the media would concentrate on the 501(c)whatevers that have perhaps been given a “free ride” by the Administration if that is truly what has been going on. Whether librul or conservative, all these political slush fund money pits should be exposed. If in fact some have been given protected status whilst others have been targeted, then we do indeed have a political scandal worthy of our attention.

But the story should begin with a full acknowledgment that there is sound reason to target these groups like Crossroads USA and Freedom Works and all the rest for the way they play fast and loose with the IRS rules. To instead let them define this issue here as their time on the cross as poor victims is ridiculous and dangerous. It makes martyrs out of despicable bottom-feeding criminals and is a disservice to us all.




Photo credit: money photo is by yomanimus and appears here under the creative commons license.


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