A Koch conflict with PBS halts broadcast of “Citizen Koch” film – but permanently?

So in tonight’s episode of the neverending reality show entitled, “How Many Ways Can a Koch Screw America?”, we learn that the documentary “Citizen Koch” will not air on PBS because it greatly displeases David Koch.

That’s how the drama goes according to PR Watch which states that “Koch is also a board trustee and major donor to WNET.”

But hold on.

What are we to make of a ThinkProgress post that has this title:
“As Koch Industries Ramps Up Attack On ‘Left-Leaning’ Media, WNET Dumps David Koch From Board”

That ThinkProgress post concludes with an “UPDATE”:

“Mr. Koch resigned from our Board of Trustees as of Thursday, May 16th to concentrate on his other obligations,” WNET communications director Kellie Castruita Specter informed Forecast the Facts in an email response.

Does this mean that New York’s WNET and Boston’s WGBH will quit worrying what the Free Market Monsters think and air the show after all?

The not knowing what’s going on disturbs me – and of course it disturbs the hell out of me that these premiere public television stations are public in name only.

I’m going to take two of my favorite Albert King songs and check my internet in the morning. [Not sure if this musical prescription will work for you, but it usually gives me temporary relief.]

ThinkProgress: As Koch Industries Ramps Up Attack On ‘Left-Leaning’ Media, WNET Dumps David Koch From Board

PRWatch: PBS Killed Wisconsin Uprising Documentary “Citizen Koch” To Appease Koch Brothers


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