Wisconsin’s hide and seek Governor

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is broadcasting this May 20th headline: “Critics pounce on Scott Walker’s three out of state trips this week”.

Meanie critics! The internet critics have been telling me that Scott Walker has been gone for 14 days in a row, actually.

They’ve also noticed that he’s in Iowa on May 23rd in West Des Moines to raise more money for himself – not for Iowans.

I’m not sure where to go to confirm the rumored 14 day absence. Unfortunately my catlike pouncing reflexes have been applied to gardening lately instead of Walker. I know the new Walker map from Cap Times is no good because it has no recording of his China trip in April.

Even when Walker is in the state, it’s not easy for the average Wisconsinite to hang out with him:
“..Walker will have in-state public appearances on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, said his spokesman, Tom Evenson. Evenson declined to release the specifics, saying Walker’s office does not announce most events until a day beforehand.”

Lucky for us Roberta Retrum is on the ball and won’t help Our Dear Leader play hide and seek. She let me know that he needs to show up at the DOA Building Commission Meeting
Wednesday, May 22, 2013
2:00pm – 3:00pm
Governor’s Conference Room, 115 East, Capitol
May State Building Commission meeting

Though Walker has AWOL habits, an extremist agenda, and his job numbers are in the toilet, his fans say the state elected him twice and he has a 51% approval rating.

45% disapprove.

I assume the 51% are watching FOX and listening to Sykes and Rush or else they are personally profiting by mining some neighbor’s sand hill or eagerly awaiting their 120K salary as an untrained principal of one of those new voucher schools Walker has plans for.

I assume [and I assume because I’m lazy today]
that the untallied 4% were angry types who gave vulgar cranky non-conforming answers like
“We live in a dictatorship, you dumbass”
“How do we get rid of this assclown?”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Critics pounce on Scott Walker’s three out of state trips this week”

The Iowa Republican: Scott Walker to raise money for his own re-election on upcoming Iowa trip

Building Commission Meeting LINK

Cap Times – Please fix your map and keep up with it or else take it down because it is frustrating to see it in error.
Thank you, kindly.


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