“Picking on” Mike Tate?

Oh Gadzooks.

Let us now turn our attention to a new squabble in the left corner.
In a brief post entitled “Why is everybody always picking on me?” I see Ed Garvey saying,

“Democratic Party chair Mike Tate is telling people that by asking how much the Democratic Party shells out for his compensation package I am picking on him. No, Mike, I am not picking on you.”

Garvey adds,
“I am just asking you to tell us how much the party will have to pay the next chair and how much you get paid. You could get some very talented people for the salary a legislator gets.

The admin committee should be held accountable not just you. My bone with you is to ask why you did not notify Democrats or the media about the filing deadline–last Friday I think but cannot say for certain. You give the impression that “the fix is in.” Is it?”

In case you weren’t aware, there are elections for the state board and chair position at the upcoming Wisconsin Democratic Party state convention in June.

The party must have me trained pretty good. I quit bemoaning the lack of transparency on everything at least a year ago. Right after that post-recall convention I think.

Clearly, Garvey hasn’t given up on the party and he must think there’s enough THERE there to bother with it. Shouldn’t Tate and affiliated party loyals be flattered that he’s interested?

Go on over to Garvey’s blog and read the lively comments.


2 thoughts on ““Picking on” Mike Tate?

  1. This is the same Mike Tate who claims to not know who Mike McCabe, the head of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, is. I live in Illinois, and I know who Mike McCabe is and have come to admire his work.

    • Yes. I can not fathom how Mike Tate would be unaware of Mike McCabe. Either Tate told the fib of the century, he was mentally incapacitated in that moment, or there was some breakdown in communication between reporter Dan Bice and Tate.

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