I’ll be beta testing a link blog here during early garden season


Hi readers.

Forgive me for I am revamping the blog a bit and trying new things.

For the first time in a decade I’ll be tending a decent-sized garden. And it is that time of year when a lot of earth-moving and planting has to take place.

So it’s a great time for me to try something I’ve been wanting to do for a long while: auto-generate posts based on other blog and news outlet RSS feeds.

And by “post” I believe I mean only a title and a very brief summary of the attached text so that you, the reader, will go to that other writer’s site to see their stuff.

You may also notice that my feed of tweets is back on here. I’ll keep on trying to pluck out the important stuff for twitter.

Feel free to leave me a comment about anything at all here but especially what you think on the blog updates – – what kind of garden you have – – and how we’ll give Walker the boot.

blue cheddar

Photo credit: Jeremy Cusker of flickr. Creative commons license use.


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