Successful compassion training is only 3 miles from the Governor’s Office

Pro-Labor Protests - Madison - March 9
Photo credit: Emily Mills. Appears under the C.C.License.

Did you know that compassion training exists – and only 3 miles from the Wisconsin State Capitol building? (There is soooo much potential for our legislators, here.)

Waisman Center researchers at UW-Madison learned that with only 7 hours of compassion training using compassion meditation, a subject becomes more altruistic.

Check out the game they had subjects play to test the results.
Don’t you love what they called the stingy player?!:

“… play a game in which they were given the opportunity to spend their own money to respond to someone in need (called the “Redistribution Game”). They played the game over the Internet with two anonymous players, the “Dictator” and the “Victim.” They watched as the Dictator shared an unfair amount of money (only $1 out of $10) with the Victim. They then decided how much of their own money to spend (out of $5) in order to equalize the unfair split and redistribute funds from the Dictator to the Victim.”

I do have one quibble. I find this game unrealistic.
The Dictator is supposed to tell the Victim that he “cares too much” to keep him in a life of dependency.

Learn more about the study here:

Tip ‘o’ the hat to my twitter buddy @paellacook for sharing this with me.

Photo credit: premasagar. C.C.License use.


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