March against Monsanto was HUGE. Video and pictures from around the world.


Here’s footage from the Milwaukee protest.  Included are some brief statements from Will Allen of Growing Power.


This Real News report from Washington D.C. contains a few photos from former Wisconsinite Jenna Pope.




The most comprehensive coverage of the international March Against Monsanto can be found over at the official RebelMouse site.

Below is a video of photos from around the world which features folks from Elkhorn, Milwaukee, and St. Croix Wisconsin!

And here are photos I gleaned from flickr. com.

Well done, ENTIRE WORLD!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
Milwaukee Bee Die-in

Reno, Nevada
Monsanto 121

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
March Against Monsanto ~ Philadelphia 05/25/2013

San Francisco, California USA
#SoyMaiz #YoSoy132  #NoAMonsanto #MarchAgainstMonsanto i#Monsanto #GMO #MAM25 #MAM #m25 #noGMO

New York City, New York USA
March Against Monsanto, NYC, May 25, 2013

Washington D.C. USA
March Against Monsanto Sat 25 May 2013  (121)

Vermont, USA

Hollywood, Florida USA
Hollywood, FL, March 26, 2011, Rally for the Right to Know

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Seed Bombs

March Against Monsanto - Malta.  (set of 25 photos)

Montreal, Quebec Canada
May 25th, 2013 March against Monsanto Montreal, 17

Wageningen, Netherlands
March Against Monsanto Wageningen

March Against #Monsanto #WIEN

Oslo, Norway
March Against Monsanto

Unknown location. Unknown language.
March against Monsanto-16

Unknown location.
march against monsanto


Photo credit: msdonnalee of flickr


Readers, I wanted to share some Monsanto protest photos with you and leave it at that. But things can never be so simple.

I have to point out that USA Today ran circles around Al Jazeera English on its coverage of the protest. Did I say “circles”? I mean to say it did backflips and put 12 competing journalists in a half-nelson.

Al Jazeera reeled some readers into their site with the headline “Worldwide protests held against Monsanto” but they did a switcheroo by simply slapping a video story in their post that is heavily weighted to Monsanto’s side. What’s up with that? Is the Emir of Qatar [who controls Al Jazeera] a business partner with Novartis/Monsanto?

In contrast, see USA Today which informs us that ““March Against Monsanto” protests were held in 52 countries and 436 cities

and that the whole thing began
just a few months ago, when founder and organizer Tami Canal created a Facebook page on Feb. 28 calling for a rally against the company’s practices

I’m not saying that USA Today is going to win a Pulitzer for this but they did the work of interviewing protesters from various sites and USA Today noted that the “U.S. Senate this week overwhelmingly rejected a bill that would allow states to require labeling of genetically modified foods”

Today’s score:
Al Jazeera English: 0
USA Today: 1

And about that U.S. Senate vote.
Everybody is pretty ticked off that Wisconsin’s Senator Tammy Baldwin voted against allowing states to label.

Tammy Baldwin’s score is in the basement with Al Jazeera English at zero for that one.


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