WI DATCP is trying to revoke bail on Vernon Hershberger

Apparently Wisconsin’s DATCP (Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection) will continue to operate in its ham-handed manner when it comes to Vernon Hershberger. Who by now has become Wisconsin’s ambassador for raw milk. On Friday the state asked a Sauk County judge to send Vernon Hershberger to jail again for breaking conditions of his bail.

From WI State Journal:
Hershberger, 41, was acquitted May 25 by a Sauk County jury on three charges of producing, processing and selling milk without proper state licenses. But he was found guilty of one count of violating a holding order on products on his farm after a 2010 raid by agents from the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

That meant Hershberger had to continue to operate under bail conditions set in January 2012 by Sauk County Circuit Court Judge Guy Reynolds that included an order not to sell any food or milk from his store. The state asked Reynolds to hear the motion Monday.
Hershberger’s attorney, Glenn Reynolds, called the motion disappointing because the bail terms he’s accused of violating are the same activities that led to the charges of which he was acquitted.

“It seems vindictive in my view,” he said. “He goes to trial and wins and now they want to put him in jail? What is the point of this sort of motion?”

Department of Justice spokeswoman Dana Brueck declined to comment on the motion. Reynolds, who was out of the area Friday, was skeptical the hearing would take place Monday.

“Every single rule says that you have five days before you have a motion hearing,” Reynolds said. He said he had not seen the state’s motion and hadn’t talked to Hershberger about it.

“If they want to revoke his bail and put him in jail, they’ll have to do it at a hearing where we take evidence and not just focus on what was said in a newspaper article,” he added.

This situation may not be all bad.

The more DATCP exposes its arrogance, the more Vernon Hershberger gets in the news. The more exposure that is placed on DATCP’s steamrolling tactics against Hershberger, the more the press and its readers will get forced into focusing on the needs of small dairies in Wisconsin – – whether those dairies are delivering cream for state fair cream puffs or not.

Read the full story at State looking to revoke bail for raw milk farmer


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