“PBS should replace Cookie Monster with a roll of Brawny paper towels”

This is a little dated by now – I think it aired on May 22nd. Sorry if it’s a repeat for you, but I never saw it.

Colbert makes a mockery of PBS kowtowing to David Koch. He has me laughing through the tears tonight.

Check out what Colbert says Koch bought off of PBS for $23 million and also how Colbert …..umm…. carries it.

Little side note: Colbert omitted from his list the Koch oil pipelines, the refineries, and the frac sand mines that are also making beaucoup bucks for the brothers in Wisconsin.

If you want to learn more about the film Citizen Koch and PBS’ controversial move NOT to air it:

Here’s a transcript of an interview with one of the directors from Gothamist. (Very worth your time, in my opinion.)

and here is the film’s MUST see trailer.
I repeat it:


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