The billboard in Waukesha County

Here’s a Scott Walker quote dated June 5th:
“For all of us who were elected for the first time in ’10, running again in ’14 – if we can show that things are markedly improved both economically and fiscally in our states, I think it’s a pretty compelling case going forward.”
– from USA Today’s 8 firebrand GOP governors meet 2014’s political reality

Here’s what just showed up in deeply-Republican Waukesha County, Wisconsin:


It’s a shame Scott Walker can’t stop preening for the press long enough to produce some actual results. He has until November 4th, 2014 to do it.

I hear that the jobs ranking just slipped to 49.
Correction provided by GeoffT in a comment: “49th isn’t the job ranking, rather it is the ranking in the Philadelphia Fed’s
leading index..” Please see his note below for more information.


One thought on “The billboard in Waukesha County

  1. 49th isn’t the job ranking, rather it is the ranking in the Philadelphia Fed’s leading index (another measure that Walker has opportunistically touted in the past

    It is a forecast for its coincident index (which is benchmarked to GDP growth) over the next 6 months and so pertains to the period April 2013 – October 2013.

    The next QCEW release by the BLS will be on June 28th. The data for December 2012 private sector jobs pre-released by the Walker Administration’s DWD three weeks ago might be good for the mid-30’s if it is borne out by the final figures.

    I expect the fireworks to really fly though when we get to the March 2013 release, which other economic indicators say was a truly awful month for Wisconsin in many ways.

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