WI Attorney General allegedly purchased illegal gun from DOJ special agent currently under investigation by Fed.Gov’t

This news came my way through LacrosseTribune.com:

“A top state Department of Justice official is under federal investigation after a DOJ agent reported to his superiors and federal authorities that the official was manufacturing and selling firearms without a license and claimed to own a stolen machine gun.”

There are multiple intriguing layers in this unfolding tale which is made additionally extraordinary by the fact that a high level law enforcement officer is crossing that “thin blue line” – the code that requires that one police officer never snitch on another officer no matter how serious the crime.

“I was struggling with this for a while — I’m talking months, you know — because you don’t snitch on cops. You don’t,” said Bethards, whose brother is a Douglas County Sheriff’s deputy. “That’s a real phenomenon. That ‘Thin Blue Line’ phenomenon, that’s not some made-up-for-movie thing. That’s for real.”

The story is also intriguing for revealing a Wisconsin Attorney General complicit in illegal activity: Wisconsin’s Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen allegedly bought one of the illegal guns.

You wouldn’t think J.B. would be cavalier about this sort of thing given that during his 2006 primary run for the post of Attorney General, he called for a crackdown and harsh penalties for those who use a gun to commit a crime.

We also see suggestions of retribution against the whistle blower, Dan Bethards. The State of Wisconsin has initiated an internal investigation against him. And yet a similar investigation has NOT been initiated by the State of Wisconsin against the man who Bethards says has been illegally selling guns and who, Bethards alleges, planned to resell a fully automatic machine gun that he knew was stolen.

Because J.B. Van Hollen has during campaigns made statements suggesting that the federal government is just about on your doorsteps and you should arm yourself accordingly,
because he is solidly Tea Party,
we can expect to see links with Tea Party leaders in this illegal activity.

The watered-down Wisconsin press won’t focus on this. But given that Van Hollen’s Attorney General post will be open for election in 2014, I am sure a candidate or two will make it her mission to get emerging details to every county in the state.

Start popping some popcorn.

Read it in full for yourself HERE.

eating popcorn


One thought on “WI Attorney General allegedly purchased illegal gun from DOJ special agent currently under investigation by Fed.Gov’t

  1. Didn’t I hear on 92.1 that the AG did buy a .45 cal for himself from this gentleman. I also heard that the AG requested a quote for a .45 gold plated with pearl handles – sounds like a pretty fancy weapon to get killed with.

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