“Lying Governors are driving their states into the ground intentionally.”

This is a note that Wisconsin activist Chris McDonough published to facebook. She has given me permission to reprint it here.

America has money for bailing out irresponsible rich businessmen, wars, tax cuts, prisons but no money for schools, children, the poor, the sick or our infrastructure.

Lying Governors are driving their states into the ground intentionally. This is an attack on the American people as surely as an invading army would attack us.

These politicians are destroying this country and looting the States of the common wealth. As thousands protest these lying, cheating politicians claim they are doing the will of the people

The city I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA has just decided to close tons of schools and layoff 4000 teachers but they have the $400 million dollars to build a prison.

Our government is being shrunk down so small that the Republicans will be able to drown it in a bathtub as they have said they want to do. This is not governance it’s sedition and treason.

To learn more about the situation in Philadelphia, try Philadelphia is Closing 23 Schools While Building A $400 Million Prison


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