Wausau to hold 1st gay pride parade June 22nd. City alder urges residents to turn back on “deviant-behaving individuals”.

Wausau is will soon enjoy its first gay pride parade. The main organizer of the event is Daxx Bouvier who is putting up $15,000 of his own money to make it happen.

A leading objector to the event, according to a Wausau radio station, is Wausau’s 3rd District Alderman David Nutting. I listened to an audio recording of Nutting’s speech at a city meeting . This is a portion of the speech that I am transcribing and sharing because – well – I find it practically unbelievable for its bigotry:

“I represent an overwhelming majority of district 3 residents who oppose allowing a parade of deviant-behaving individuals to be escorted by public law enforcement members through the very heart of our family-oriented city to a beautiful family-oriented public park where no doubt their choice of indecent behavior will be on full display for influential children and the media to proclaim it worldwide. This isn’t speech. This is behavior. I ask that all residents stay away from the parade or if you do go, stand with your back to the parade of deviant-behaving individuals. I respectfully ask for our various media outlets to pay little or no attention to the parade just as you do to any other parade in this city…”

I hope that Wausau will show up and NOT turn their backs on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer citizens and their families. I hope they’ll show pride and respect for the diversity in their community and refuse to allow the David Nuttings of the world to speak for them.

According to the Wausau Daily Herald
The parade is scheduled to start at 3 p.m. June 22 and to go from Marathon Park to The 400 Block in downtown Wausau, where festivities, including music, a drag show and food vendors will continue after the parade.
The Herald notes that Rep. Sean Duffy will not be attending and that Senator Tammy Baldwin has been invited but did not confirm attendance.

This blogger has emailed Senator Baldwin’s scheduler and awaits a reply as to whether she will show.

More reading:
Gay pride parade coming to Wausau – Wausau Daily Herald May 9, 2013

Wausau alderman opposes upcoming Gay Pride Parade – Rock 94.7’s web site June 12, 2013

P.S. – Here’s a map of Wausau’s city districts so you can see wehere District 3 is. I’d be interested in hearing from a District 3 resident or two. Is it true that Nutting speaks for “an overwhelming majority” of the citizens he represents there?


5 thoughts on “Wausau to hold 1st gay pride parade June 22nd. City alder urges residents to turn back on “deviant-behaving individuals”.

  1. I really have to sadly laugh. I grew up in the Wausau area and left 40 years ago for good reason. I can see that nothing has changed for some people in those 40 years! They’re still as ignorant and closed minded as they were then. “The times, they HAVE a changed'”… I guess I’d have to add that this man’s surname may help explain and perhaps allow for his bigotry. I’m not surprised about the facts “Katie” has laid out. That situation never changed up there, either. I think slumlords are just as deviant -behaving. Is someone looking into HIS trespasses?! Sadly shaking my head…

  2. A March for Equality will be on Saturday, June 22nd at 3:00 P.M. This march is not affiliated with the “Pride Parade” on that date. It will commence at Marathon Park, continuing along Stewart Avenue to the 400 block.

    The organizer of the Pride Parade, Daxx Bouvier, is not a resident of Central Wisconsin. He has been repeatedly approached by members of the LBGTQ committee and has declined to speak with them. It is in no way a representation of Wausau and our citizens. It may be a display of the more “colorful” aspects of a Pride festival with no real message as to the importance of Equality.

    To make sure that the message of equality is prominent, A March for Equality has been established. All those that support the equal treatment of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Community are invited to walk with us during this peaceful protest.

    For more information, please join the March for Equality on Facebook or contact Shannon Thomas, organizer of the march, at 715-574-2240, online at shannon@onegirlcreative.net.

    • Shannon, could you post the link to the FB page? I am interested in participating, but searching “March for Equality” on facebook or google obviously doesn’t give very accurate results. Thanks!

  3. I lived in Nutting’s district for a time. I was instantly thrilled to be out of that area. The over whelming population he is talking about is most likely the handful of older retired residents who come to the neighborhood meetings and may not even know what gay is. They certainly are blind to the facts that that district 3 is a place of transient ill kept residences, bars of ill repute and a frequent police presence. Nutting should care more about the state of affairs in his own district and frankly the sad shape of the apartments he rents out that are not upto any codes and less about his personal opinion of a portion of the population he clearly has no real life experience with. I can say this to mister Nutting though I know more than a dozen gay and bi and a few trans persons whom have resided in his district or do and I’m sure this will get them to the polls and finally get him out and someone in who wants the Werle park neighborhood truly safe for our children again.

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