Wisconsin Senator Mary Lazich is Glenn Beck’s hero

I doubt that many of you are going to watch these 3 men sitting around chatting about abortion, but, I thought you might appreciate at least an FYI that Senator Mary Lazich – the author of the abortion-restricting bill that got rammed through the Wisconsin Senate yesterday – is Glenn Beck’s “hero”.

In the clip below Beck plays audio of Lazich yelling about abortion and then he says that in Michigan and Wisconsin “everything’s changing because they’ve had enough of the nightmare of socialism and social justice”.

A “nightmare”?

I thought I grew up in a “civilization”.

Video source.


One thought on “Wisconsin Senator Mary Lazich is Glenn Beck’s hero

  1. A smart man will never pass judgment on abortion because he knows it’s not his business. He knows he cannot relate to a childbearing body. And he also knows he wouldn’t appreciate it if a woman passed judgment on what he does with his body. That’s a smart man. These three men are not smart. They fill space and time with hot air. As for the woman they speak of, I saw her give that tirade, too. And I think she doth protest too much. Is it simply self-righteousness or… At minimum, will the person with the “red shoes” please bring them to Wisconsin? The rightful owner has been located.

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