Turkey photos and a Wisconsin question.

These photos come to you from Jenna Pope – originally a Wisconsin activist turned photojournalist who is for the moment in Turkey.

She appended this note to the photos on facebook:
“A water cannon hosing down protesters earlier tonight on Siraselviler street right near Taksim Square after they had cleared Gezi Park with tear gas.”

My question to you is this: if protesters were to now occupy Wisconsin’s capitol building and now fill Madison’s streets, would Scott Walker call out the national guard to tear gas ’em?

I have a feeling he’d go for it.

Two minutes ago Jenna added this update to her facebook page:
“One of Turkey’s main public sector labor unions said it would call a general strike for Monday after riot police stormed an Istanbul park, firing tear gas and percussion bombs to evict hundreds of anti-government demonstrators on Saturday.”

You can follow her on facebook or on twitter.




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