Honadel wants rushed law to keep hikers from N. Wisconsin iron mine drilling

Photo credit Pete Rassmusen

I read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story “Republican lawmakers want to act quickly to restrict access to mine site” last night.

It says
Rep. Mark Honadel (R-South Milwaukee) said he will try to persuade fellow GOP lawmakers to slip the change into the state budget bill when it comes up for debate in the Assembly Tuesday, though he acknowledges that there’s little time.

“I don’t know if it’s too late for the budget, but something’s got to change. We just can’t have these people running around on a work site,” Honadel said in an interview. “We certainly don’t need this when we’re trying to get a good viable business going in the state.”

Let us now assume that Honadel is NOT trying to prove to a corporation that when it says “JUMP!” he says “HOW HIGH??”. [suspend your disbelief]

Honadel wants to make visiting the site illegal, which is no deterrent to folks unafraid of breaking the law such as the presumed anarchists that visited the site recently and, according to M.J.S., “slashed tires, damaged equipment, destroyed a worker’s camera and took away her cellphone”.

Last week Bob Seitz of Gogebic Taconite called the actions “eco-terrorism” and right wing media happily echoed the term. (Should we not call “eco-terrorists” the legislators who put their names on a bill that was really written by Gogebic Taconite? A bill that violates the WI constitution’s public trust doctrine?)

Honadel’s idea must be aimed at the more law abiding folks who hiked to the site to check it out last weekend. From what I gather, the mine company purchased the ‘mining rights’ but not necessarily the land. The land at the moment is in a public forest designation that allows citizens to come onto it for recreational activities like hiking.

The mine company has double security up there right now with both local law enforcement speeding in at the drop of a hat and a private security force.

There will again be a large gathering at the Lac Courte Oreilles (LCO) Harvest and Education Camp this weekend and very likely again they will walk up to the drilling site. Learn what to bring with you and what to expect HERE.

Here’s a video of the recent walk to the drill site:

United in Defense of the Water has more photos.

Rep Mike Honadel’s district is in southern Milwaukee County. MAP Here’s how to contact him.


Photo credit for above 2 photos: Ros Nelson


One thought on “Honadel wants rushed law to keep hikers from N. Wisconsin iron mine drilling

  1. Follow the money– Rep. Mark Honadel has received thousands of $’s for his campaign fund from the Gogebic Taconite promoters, so we know who he is working for.

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