Wausau’s gay pride parade cancelled but equality march rolled on with flying colors

wausau equality march pic by Samantha Masterton


Photo credit: Samantha Masterton

What an odd way for a gay-positive march to start in Wausau, Wisconsin, eh?
I’m really glad this all worked out.

I think it went down like this:
1) Guy who nobody knows in Wausau says he’ll host the city’s first-ever gay pride parade.
2) Local LGBTQ [lesbian,gay,bisexual,transgender,queer] community makes repeated attempts to contact guy but he will have nothing to do with them.
3) City of Wausau alderman gives extended speech against the parade and “deviant” gay people at a city council meeting.
4) Promotion of the big gay pride parade organized by guy that still seems AWOL grows as blogs/media repeat bigoted quotes from the alder.
5) Homegrown LGBTQ community in Wausau organizes its own “Equality March” to ensure that a ‘family friendly’ event occurs to advocate for equality.
5) The gay pride parade is cancelled.
6) The locally-organized equality March goes on without a hitch and about 300 people show up.

Local TV station WSAW quoted Samantha Masterton,
“These people are my friends and I consider them family because we are all part of that great human race. I am in it for the solidarity and the hugs.”

Congratulations to Wausau, Wisconsin! The next challenge, should you accept it, is to unseat the bigoted speech-maker, 3rd District Alderman David Nutting. I don’t know him well enough to say what he’s in his elected position for exactly, but after that speech, I think he should lose it.

More on the story:
Gay friendly? For local gay community, march of progress feels like a crawl – Robert Mentzer – Wausau Daily Herald

Wausau Pride parade goes off without a hitch after original parade was cancelled – Wisconsin Gazette

A letter to Alderman David Nutting, 3rd District of Wausau regarding statements he made about a scheduled Wausau PRIDE parade for June 22, 2013 – The Elephant We Ignore

Here’s my June 13th blog post:
Wausau to hold 1st gay pride parade June 22nd. City alder urges residents to turn back on “deviant-behaving individuals”.


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