Walker vows access to a “great” education, then cloaks voucher data in secrecy

I’m just back from a big trip to Minnesota. I absorbed some of their niceness on the trip, but it took only one quick dip in the internet to lose it.

Check out the Milwaukee Journal article entitled “Scott Walker veto pares back limits on voucher school data releases”.

Did you get a load of this?:
“Walker spokeswoman Jocelyn Webster said that the provision was meant to affect only the “initial release of that data” and that the public records law would apply to later requests for data from a specific school.”

As if we even know what the subjective term “initial” means,
as if we trust the Walker administration and his Karl Rove-affiliated spokeswoman to define that,
as if public K-12 schools were not in competition with voucher schools for dollars wherever they sprout up,
and as if Scott Walker is not intent on spreading voucher schools across the entire state.

Scott “Eagle Scout” Walker has stuck to his talking points and repeated that “every child deserves access to a great education”.

You’d think if he believed the drivel he repeated that he would want families to get access to ALL the information they needed to figure out which schools were “great”.


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