“Get out of your cushy office and take a look around”: A rural Wisconsinite’s open letter to Party Chair Mike Tate

This is a guest post by Jester Peggy.

Because the Wisconsin Democratic Party will not give me Mike Tate’s e-mail address, I have asked Blue Cheddar to let me use her blog as a forum to share my feelings.

OK Mike Tate, I signed your pledge. Now, will you pledge to those of us in the small towns, rural communities and counties north of Madison to give us some support this time to fight for our Democratic candidates?

You hung us out to dry the last election, and now we are stuck with Tiffany and Czaja and Duffy and a whole bunch of stupid puppets that are voting lock-step in line with Walker. If you would have at least given us some signs, some literature, some turf to canvas, or even a database we could use to help stay connected with one another after the fierce “boots on the ground” dedication from the recall, I know we could have done better. Up here, all people see are TV news (which even the court has declared is not news, but entertainment) and TV commercials. We need to be able to speak to people door-to-door and to have physical paper signs to put in our yards so people know where we stand and talk to one another about it.

Oh yeah, you sent us some OFA folks…you might as well have sent us a box of
rocks. The one we had sat on his ass and put statistics in a computer every single time he came to Tomahawk. From what I understand, the others in Merrill and Rhinelander and Stevens Point and Minocqua were the same. After your cute little bus tour, the idiots didn’t even have the lists of folks who attended for us to contact! They wanted us to invite out friends to house parties and then turn the statistics over to them. We finally asked them not to come into our community because we did better without them.

Older people do not do FaceBook. Older people do not Twitter. In truth, outside of Tomahawk and north of us, people do not even have Broadband! (No thanks to Scotty who has probably planned it that way.) Have you tried to use the internet on dial-up lately? So, the idea that the computer is going to do it up here is false. And yes, we did make our own signs and we did steal lists from the resources we had from the recall, but really…you keep sending me requests for money. Really. I bought paper and paint and gas so I could go out in the country and talk to people. What the heck did you do for us?!!! Nothing.

So get out of your cushy office and take a look around. Wisconsin is headed to the bottom like a rock tossed into a lake. My Plan A is to fight. My Plan B is to leave this state. My plan C is to leave this country.

What’s your plan?

Sincerely, Jester Peggy


36 thoughts on ““Get out of your cushy office and take a look around”: A rural Wisconsinite’s open letter to Party Chair Mike Tate

  1. I’ve never been political and you could call me a liberal Republican..or at least..I was. Since the Walker recall I’ve gone full monty Dem. I live in Iowa County..and unfortunately..folks from Madison came down to try to whip up support for the recall. See..they came into farm country…and were arrogantly smack mouthing how much government money farmers get. For every dollar a farmer is given he or she puts two into the local economy. I saw people who were ready to sign in that tent, leave because of this. In fact I didn’t sign. I went somewhere else, where they weren’t “not from around here”. Believe it or not, many small towns do not want Walker in…but you need to know who you are talking to.And check your arrogance at the door. Farmers work 24/7..their whole families do. Can you say the same? Just because a guy has manure on his boots doesn’t mean he’s got it between the ears.

    • Suz,
      I’m glad you’ve made the conversion. The Democrats in Wisconsin are starting to become a “big tent” party, but it doesn’t seem like they’re handling it too well. They focus too much on the Madison/Milwaukee, and not on the areas outside of those cities.

      As for the government farm money…I’m sorry that some canvassers came in with that mindset. I was one of the canvassers, but I knew my stuff: farm subsides help in more ways than one. In fact, one of my talking points was the fact that a government program was scrapped, one that used local farmers’ products for student lunches across the state.

      The program cost the state $200,000, but it profited $1,000,000, so it paid for itself five times over. Yet Walker and his cohorts felt it needed to be pushed out of the 2011 budget.

      We need to encourage Democrats statewide to support farming communities, as well as urban ones. We’re the party of the people, after all, but we need to act like it more.

  2. I posted earlier in a reply, but in the hope that the “Party” reads these comments, again, I have to say we need a candidate now. All the names floating around are not really familiar to the rest of us (only Madison or Milwaukee) and word needs to get out to the rest of the state. We start now. And IMHO signs do work. Undecided people like to go with a winner. It was so disheartening when I would go north and see one sign to every 20 and ads 40 to one.

  3. Here’s the 1st truth: If you don’t join the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, then you CANNOT VOTE in party elections.

    You CANNOT vote on who runs your County Party.
    You CANNOT become a delegate and vote on who runs your Congressional District party.
    You CANNOT become a delegate and vote on who runs your State Party.

    Here’s the 2nd Truth: It doesn’t matter what the state party does, if your county party is poorly run that all your down ticket and local candidates lose.

    Sure, you may get a kick-ass organizer during the presidential election, but without a strong county party there to continue the organizing and training after that person leaves, then all of that organizer’s efforts are quickly lost.

    As I said before, my county party was lead by someone who liked the title and the month meeting was purely a social event. There was no attempt at creating a political machine. Our candidates always lost all of the down ticket and local races; This past year’s elections were no different.

    I and other folks who worked on the recall had enough of losing. We held our noses and joined the party, we voted in new leadership into the county party and now we are training our members with the skills they need to be leaders in next year’s local campaigns. Our new leadership is telling DPW that it needs to step up and do more.

    Is that enough? No, we are already planning to get our people into leadership positions in the Congressional District Party soon. The Chair of each Congressional District party is on the Administrative Committee which votes on such minor details as Mike Tate’s salary.

    Are we happy with everything that Mike Tate has done in the last 2 years? NO, but sitting on the sidelines and complaining about it isn’t going to make anything different. The only way to make things change is to get involved and make change happen.

  4. There was a lot of talk of this situation during the last election cycle. I did some blogging myself about the frustration I was feeling in helping out campaigns across the state that were getting zero, zip, zilch Dem support. Especially when it came to accessing the much needed Dem VAN list of registered voters. After being lied to and given the runaround I was finally told (after it became self-apparent) that all in state Dem support was going to the Obama re-election campaign. If we had lost that this country and Wisconsin particularly would have been sunk. So to some extent I agree with that tactic (but not with the Dems/Tate refusing access to the VAN list) but the Dems OWE A BIG FAVOR this next election cycle to the people that they neglected last time, and they need to make major contributions of resources during the next election cycle STATEWIDE TO ALL who are combatting neo-conservative fascism!

  5. I suggest that disgruntled communities contact Democracy for America (http://www.democracyforamerica.com/) and skip working with OFA. If the Obama people believed in us, they would have been here during the Uprising. At this point, I just assume they are on Walker’s side.

  6. Having done grassroots tabling and other work over the years, it has become very obvious that You Are The Cavalry. Don’t wait for “the officials” to show up. They are usually late, ill-equipped and inexperienced and/or think everything can be done on the net. Find someone who can do decent graphics and roll your own literature to hand out at tabling events or other visible locations. Forget phone banking except for very targeted missions. Yard signs are also not that effective either. Knock on doors. Word of mouth. Gatherings. If you get any “official” help, that’s great. Just expect to be treated like a stranger once they get “going”.

  7. I’m not sure how anyone is supposed to take this “open letter” seriously. The whole premise of this list of grievances is that the writer can’t find Mike Tate’s email address.

    If I type “Wis Dems” into Google, one of the first options is “Contact Us”. If you click on that, Tate is the first person listed and you not only get his email address, but his phone number as well.

    This list looks to be nothing more than a Joe Kallas style grumbling. Can we be productive rather than typical internet cranks?

    • Really? “internet cranks”? The person you are trying to dismiss as an ‘internet crank’ has put hour upon hour of her real world time into the party’s goals and campaigns and has done so in person. Maybe you could get away with calling ME the internet crank since I’m the person who mostly sits at the computer in my efforts. I do sometimes wonder if it’s been worth it – 2 years of this. Then again, given the fact that the party has not hired a communications coordinator for a couple months – even through the budget process – I have to wonder if the WI bloggers are right now in reality the replacement for the Dem communication ‘system’. Anyway – upon seeing a letter like Peggy’s, I do feel like I did something worthwhile for 2 years since I can get an audience for that letter BECAUSE I plugged away at facebook/twitter/tumblr/this blog. The gist of her letter is that she could have been more productive [your word] in her many efforts if the party had met her half way. I think folks commenting here ARE interested in seeing Wisconsin Democrats win and they are frustrated. People WANT to engage and contribute to the party but they also want the assurance that the direction of their combined efforts is on target. They want to be assured that the Dems bring all the vigor and intelligence that their ‘team’ can bring to the game. If you’re from Wisconsin, and you care, you just have to listen and fix the flaws as best you can. The grieving has to stop. The fragile egos set aside. The fighting to regain this state from the right must begin anew and it must be a stronger fight that respectfully includes everyone or else there is probably no use trying again.

    • Neither Mike Tate nor anyone else (except one assistant) answers phone calls or email at the Dem Party offices. The issue is far more, if you read the entire letter, than getting an email address.

      • Vivian – If the letters you send are like the one you posted, how in the world do you expect a response?

      • This is patently false. I have called Jake Hajdu, Sean Berger, Cassi and others and I have never not gotten to speak with them right away or had my call returned within 24 hours.

  8. In response to Jester Peggy

    Peggy, you don’t mention if you are a member of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW). If you are a member of DPW, then your concerns about the OFA staffer should’ve been discussed with your County Chairperson when this was occurring. I know from my own experience that staffing changes have been made based upon feedback from County Chair(s) to the OFA leadership.

    If you had talked to the County Chairperson in this situation, you may have been told that the OFA Staffer’s job WAS to put statistics into computer because a big part of the OFA campaign was tracking each time a voter was contacted and their response. Depending on the voter’s response, they might get different mailings sent to them or different kind of follow up visits.

    I can’t tell the exact sequence of events from your note. However, if you sent away the OFA Staffer last fall, then I am not surprised that you didn’t get any literature, canvass sheets, or signage because the OFA Staffer was the source of ALL of that material for the presidential campaign. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin doesn’t run the president’s campaign or have access to that campaign’s database. Susan Sommer’s campaign did have access to her own voter database and you could’ve gotten canvass sheets from them, but it wouldn’t be the OFA database.

    Rather than just focus on Mike Tate or OFA, I would like you to talk about your county’s Democratic Party and your county party’s leadership. What are your county party meetings like? Does your county chair talk about issues and strategy? Is your county party growing members and becoming stronger? Are your county chair and vice chair participating in DPW’s ongoing training sessions and conference calls? Do they participate in the Congressional District’s meetings? Are they bringing the information they learn back to the county party and sharing it in meetings? Does your county party hold their own training sessions? Does your county chair encourage you and the other members to learn more and do more? Have you been encouraged to attend Wellstone training, apply to Emerge or work with Wisconsin Progress to elect a local candidate? Are the younger county members being encouraged to attend the Democratic Leadership Institute?

    I ask these questions because some county parties are social groups that get together to talk politics and some county parties are active political machines that make positive changes happen in their communities. The kind of county party you have really depends on the leaders you’ve elected to office. You can complain all you want about Mike Tate and DPW, but if your county party officers aren’t actively engaged in learning new skills and and using those skills to grow the county party, then it is highly unlikely that Mike Tate can do a whole lot in your county.

    Peggy, I am inclined to think that your county party leans toward being a “social group” based upon your statement: “If you would have at least given us…even database we could use to help stay connected with one another after the fierce “boots on the ground” dedication from the recall”. I say this because all of the county chairs had access to a voter database for their county and it included information gathered during the recalls. Your county chair may not have used their access to the database or even remember they have it, but other county chairs took full advantage of the database after the recalls to contact people and grow their county parties.

    If your county party is just a “social group” that gets together to talk about politics, then what are you going to do about it? Are you going to push for changes to make it more active or are you going to hope that Mike Tate will come up there and fix it for you?

    • Where do you live, Badger Bee? Yes, I do stay in close contact with both Lincoln and Oneida counties. They are just as frustrated as I am. I kicked out the OFA person when he told me he really didn’t expect Obama to win in our county (He did!) and he would rather be working in Wausau. I did connect with other OFA people, and they did not have any signs or literature for anything other than Obama, and then only two weeks before the election. I got the few signs I had when I visited Mlwaukee and paid $20. I finally contacted the various campaigns directly. It seemed really stupid that since we were all on the same side with similar concerns, we couldn’t find some way to help each other.

      • I live in a “red” rural county that had one of those “social group” kind of Democratic County Parties. Every meeting felt like we should have tea and crumpets. The County Chair loved the title, but didn’t want to do any work to be a real leader. I and other recall workers joined the Democratic Party of Wisconsin so when election time came around, we elected new leaders to run our county party. They are putting in a lot of time and energy to move our county forward. They are taking the trainings offered by DPW, attending the CD meetings and they are bringing back information and new skills to our county party. Our county party has been organizing events and trainings to get our membership active and engaged. I’ve been active in all of events and have been pushing to do more.

        You say you “stay close to Lincoln and Oneida counties”, but you don’t really say if you are a member of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Are you a member of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin? Are you active in your county party, attend meetings and events? Is your county party leadership active?

        I see a lot of criticism of Mike Tate and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, but they are just the top of the tree. The real work of the Democratic Party is done by the roots, by which I mean the members and leadership of the Democratic county parties. If the roots of the tree are weak, then the tree is going to grow weak.

        I and the local people I met during the recall made a decision to become members of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin because we knew realized that our county didn’t have enough roots and a broad enough base to support the strong tree. Mike Tate can’t grow the roots, only the local membership have to do that.

      • I get your situation with the fall election. You wanted to run a “coordinated campaign”, but that really doesn’t happen in most elections. There are some campaign laws that restrict some aspects of coordinated campaigns, but beyond that there are some campaign managers don’t want to have a coordinated campaign because they don’t want to share volunteers. There has to be someone pushing to make the coordinated campaign happen and that person is often the Chair of the County Democratic Party.

        To make a coordinated campaign happen, the County Chair and/or the local person running the local office have to contact all of the candidates or their campaign managers to say “we want to run a coordinated campaign in our county” . The County Chair or the local person running the office must to stand up to each of the individual candidates or their campaign managers and say “ We don’t have enough bodies to knock doors for each candidate alone. We have to create a door knocking and phone banking campaign that covers all of the local Democratic candidates. We must teach our voters to vote for all of the Democratic candidates on the ticket”.

        The County Chair and/or the local person running the local office running the coordinated campaign must say to each of the campaigns: “We must have a steady of your door cards, bumper stickers, yard signs brought to our office so we can campaign for you”.

        The County Chair or the local person running the office must take all of the candidate door cards, figure out how to create an attractive packet and then train their volunteers on how to talk to people at the doors about the candidates in the packet.

        When the volunteers come back to the office, someone has to enter the voter responses in a database to track which voters have been talked with, but the real problem is which database gets this information ? Do the responses get entered in the presidential candidate’s database, the Senate candidate’s database, the State Senate candidate’s database or the Assembly candidate’s database?

        All of these campaigns have their own voter database and all of them want the voter responses. The County Chair, the local office manager and campaigns must have agreed before the start of the “coordinated campaign” on how to handle the voter data.

        Having a coordinated campaign makes a great deal of sense, especially during a presidential campaign year, but don’t expect it to happen “organically” or that OFA will do it for you. Someone locally has to make the coordinated campaign happen and that person is often the County Chair or the person running the local office..

  9. Chet said “We needed help and money during the primary to assist Lisa Theo with her campaign…but the party did nothing”

    Apparently Chet doesn’t understand the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and the Democratic County Party’s don’t NORMALLY take sides in primary elections between real Democrats. That is the reason Lisa Theo didn’t get help or money from the Party during the Democratic primary election.

    Susan Sommer won the Democratic primary with a huge 19% lead. Sommer did get a lot of help from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin during her campaign against Tom Tiffany.

  10. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is one of the weakest state Democratic parties in the entire country, and it’s because of people like Mike Tate who talk tough about a 72-county strategy but don’t actually have one.

    The fact that the DPW floated Mary Burke, who is politically toxic for several reasons (her business manufactures bikes in Germany and China, she supports some anti-public education policies, etc.), as a potential opponent to Scott Walker shows that the Democratic establishment in Wisconsin doesn’t understand the politics of their own state.

    The only way Democrats are going to defeat Scott Walker is if the Democratic nominee runs his or her campaign completely independent of the Democratic Party apparatus in Wisconsin.

    • Thank you!

      “The only way Democrats are going to defeat Scott Walker is if the Democratic nominee runs his or her campaign completely independent of the Democratic Party apparatus in Wisconsin.”

    • Aaron – I’m quite certain you don’t live in Wisconsin. Have you ever talked with Tate? Have you ever worked for a Wisconsin campaign?

      I ask these questions because you have rather strong opinions about DPW and yet likely have no real experience with it.

      Its great to have opinions, but have some operational knowledge, otherwise you are just another James Carville/Karl Rove wannabe with a blog.

  11. Hi. I posted your article and tagged Mike Tate (we are fb friends – for now).

    His reply to me –
    Mike Tate Hi. My email is readily available on our website. I actually spend a large chunk of my time traveling and working on getting votes for Dems in rural WI. And I’m hardly a Republican in disguise, that would be insulting if it wasn’t such a absurd comment. And by the way Whitefish Bay a long with Shorewood are reliably Democratic communities. Have voted Democratic in every election since 2000. We are implementing a 72 county strategy that invests heavily in every corner of WI. There is a lot of info available on this program on the web. I don’t think we know each other, it sounds like you have no idea about all the work we are doing. Maybe we can find a time to talk about our work sometime. Have a good holiday. And btw my office is hardly cushy. I have a small end of a table in an office I share with a colleague.

    I suggested he contact the author of this post instead of replying to me. I hope it helps.


  12. I couldn’t agree more and share every concern – but would add “south of Madison,” also. How about asking that the DPW get out of Madison & Milw? I sent an expanded version of this letter to every officer,employee and member of the Executive Committee (the oversight committee)and got 4 replies:

    To the DPW:

    I have found the DPW to be very non-responsive and want to share my concerns in the form of an open letter. After listening to others, I found that many people are in agreement. We all support and love the values upon which Democratic Party is founded and wish nothing more than its success.

    The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has a calling to be inspiring, empowering and uniting of its members in a strong fellowship where the mandate for leadership comes from the grassroots. We are not a business or bureaucracy. We are a network – a family – of people committed to common values.

    *The DPW must stand firmly and fight with much more cunning and far more aggressively for our core values.

    *New strategies are an absolute necessity to reclaim Wisconsin.

    * As Democrats, we must support transparency and easy access to the DPW.

    *The process of running for DPW office should have few roadblocks.

    *We need more allies: The DPW and all County Parties must be a big umbrella party and everyone must not only be included but actively sought at the state and local level.

    *A successful county/state must be pro-active in working to be inclusive of all: gender, cultural, ethnic groups and people of color as well as all socio-economic groups.

    Grassroots groups, Democratic voters, liberals, progressives, moderates, Independents and independents, labor groups and a wide variety of advocacy groups (environmental, GLBT, women’s issues, etc) should be encouraged to join the Democratic process and to join the Party.

    *The State Party must be responsive to members and their concerns: Officers, employees and the over-sight committee must answer their phones, returns their calls and respond to emails.

    *The state party cannot maintain the respect of its members unless it maintains it committees and caucuses, holds meetings, sends out notices of meetings, and follows up on recommendations.

    *Madison & Milwaukee cannot continue be the major/only focus of the Party.

    *Many Democrats question the $40,000 “buy in” for federal candidates for the “Coordinated Campaign” and believe that it is excessive and discouraging.

    *The state party has to do more to support labor and labor unions.

    *The DPW must define itself clearly, positively, aggressively, define the issues that are of paramount import and be single-minded in pursuit of our goals:

    — We must define ourselves in positive terms, keep the focus on our candidates and define what WE stand for.

    — This is a large rural state and the rest of WI is clamoring at the door of the DPW demanding to be included.

    — The DPW must have a rural agenda or it will not be successful.

    *It is vital that a state Democratic Party be much more technologically sophisticated than the current DPW.

    *The DPW must have much better messaging & PR campaigns.

    *A successful state party supports the entire ticket – top to bottom – in every race in every district in every script for every call & canvass whether they personally like the candidate or not.

    *State and County Parties that engage in activism and keep members informed of interesting events, social opportunities and political actions will be more successful. Volunteers, members and the public care about issues!

    *State/county parties must understand the importance of engaging the under-35 population and work actively to do so.

    *Memberships for high school students should be free. Memberships for college students should be free, if not all year then at least for the first 2 months of every school year.

    * Every county party can and should develop themselves BUT must have the active assistance of the DPW.

  13. This is so spot-on! And not just in the north –Walker and the GOP legislature are simply mediocrities who are filling the vacuum left by the Democrats. I used to think, for better or worse, that we needed to work within the 2 party system in order to accomplish change. In Wisconsin I’m starting to wonder.

  14. Great post! When are they going to get off their duff and get Busy? What are they waiting for? Who is going to be OUR Dem Candidate for Governor? This is sad, Why cant the Fight and desire of Wendy Davis of Texas spread to OUR State, But most of all our party? Unless there is something I’m not aware of, I do not see the Passion in our State Dem Party. Quit playing Defense, and get the Offense going. Stick to the issue’s, Put out the message in a Clear concise manner, So as to not turn off the Independent’s, But to gain their support, And get on with it.

    • Spot on. I was a newbie in the recall. I’m in a red county. I helped in the adjoining county because that was the nearest office. I felt lost. I did what I could. Am I a member of the Democratic party? No. I had a heck of a time even finding that there was one in my county. I was enthused by the people in Madison but felt like an outsider.
      WE NEED TO CHOOSE A CANDIDATE NOW! I’m ready to help, but need guidance. I’ll be boots on the ground, but these boots need direction.

  15. It’s not just the far north that gets shit on by the state party. Several candidates just 30 miles north of Madison, in competitive districts, got no help from the state party. Mike Tate is a disaster for the party.

    • I lets those same comments to idiot Tate. And started that during the petition signing. If you live 40 miles north of Madision you never get any news that is not right wing. In the center of the state we have two TV stations WAOW (ABC)tv 9 that has a sister station that is FOX which has evening news. WSAU (CBS) tv 7 that has a right wing AM/FM hate radio stations. 90% of all news papers north of Madison are Gannet (right wing)..I also stressed time and time again that the recall should not be all union since Walkers (koch) plans were all very well exposed. Like selling of state assets (woods, buildings, school systems, prison system on and on. But the idiot kept it all union.

  16. Way to tell it like it is…absolutely enough funds to send multiple e-mails asking for more donations…but no money to spend on helping canditates. We needed help and money during the primary to assist Lisa Theo with her campaign…but the party did nothing and then we were defeated at the primary…no wonder people simply gave up…shame on what you’ve done to us up here in the Northwoods. Give em hell Peggy!!

  17. What a great post! Thank you! I have been mailing back my money requests from the Wis Dems and telling them if they get rid of Tate, I will then donate but not before. He is in this for a cushy job. Made himself nearly un-firable. He doesn’t have a plan. Your post is great evidence of that. Thank you again!

  18. You tell them Peggy!!! She is right! We had no support from the Democratic party up here in the northern part of Wisconsin! I am also sick and tired of your pleas for money!!! You didn’t hear us when we needed you. I will not give you money! Thanks for giving us the liar and destroyer of the North–Tiffany! I have no use for the Democratic Party the way it now is!

    • Then join your County Party and make it the kind of party that makes a difference. If you aren’t a member of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and you aren’t active, then you really aren’t doing anything positive.

      • So say anonymous Badger Bee. Obviously a party member.

        This answer ignores the fact that people do not want to join a group with Tate leading it. The DPW has failed to show why I should give more of my time and money to them.

        I say this as a Madison native. I find it nuts that the DPW is so bad at upstate and rural WI, which should be a lot more receptive if the message included them and acted on the nice words they say.

        Sure, Mike Tate may go meet with his cronies around the state. It’s like a statewide club for the out of touch. Sorry, but if I have do all this myself I see little reason to invest in an old, dying party that re-elected the guy who botched the recall.

      • I guess you just don’t get politics. The most effective way to reach people is to go up to their door and talk with them about an issue. TV ads, yard signs, robo calls…nothing compares to door knocking and having a respectful conversation when it comes to persuading people to vote. So YES, you have to “do it yourself” because no one, except the Koch Brothers, has the money to hire the thousands of people needed to canvass the state.

        Rural Wisconsin is extremely difficult to canvas and most campaigns don’t have the people needed to reach rural voters. Being a “Madison native”, you may have gotten your door knocked hundreds of times in the last 10 years, but most rural people have never had anyone knock on their door to talk politics. You can rag on the Democratic Party all you want, but candidates in rural Wisconsin need your help to knock on doors in rural communities. If you can’t stand the party – fine. Find one rural candidate you can support with your time and go help their campaign by door knocking for them.

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