Do you vote?

I’m sharing a blog post with you that centers on the scene in North Carolina, but it reminds me of Wisconsin debates on voting.

Tom Sullivan in his post talks about this line of reasoning: “do nothing with the vote and let the Republicans make it VERY bad here and then the people will come back to the Dems automatically”. Here are a few more reasons I’ve heard for not doing anything with the vote:

1) I do not believe they count my vote.
2) The two parties are the same.
3) I can change the world by buying stuff/ saying stuff/ making my music / praying / living right etc.
4) The People must engage in a massive general strike.
5) The Illuminati are in charge.
[You laugh, but there’s lots of stuff on Illuminati on YouTube and people are watching that shit.]
6) The 1% are in charge.

Anyway, here’s the post:
“Recently I spoke with someone who suggested that Democrats should boycott working at polling places in 2014. That is, let the GOP screw up the election so royally that people will throw them out in 2016. This was the same sort of liberal who thought the left should express its displeasure with Obama and the Democrats by staying home in November 2010. That worked out well in North Carolina. For Art Pope.

Once again, that sort of liberal was recommending that we express our displeasure with the North Carolina Republicans by staying home in 2014.”

Plan or perish: If you don’t, your adversary will

I believe we’re supposed to vote and also engage in direct action and also live right and also create robust communication/journalism infrastructure and if we went on a massive strike that would be awesome but it could take 2 years to prepare it, and it may not fix as much as you think it will (citation: Chicago Teachers Union).


2 thoughts on “Do you vote?

  1. I’m one of many disaffected progressives in Illinois who are sick and tired of the Illinois Democrats completely disregarding the vast majority of the state outside of Chicago and acting like Republicans all the time.

    However, the Republicans here in Illinois want to do what Scott Walker did to Wisconsin and then some, and that alone is enough for me to show up at the polls and vote for Democratic candidates.

    • Dems staying home coupled with a weak-ass state party in 2010 destroyed representative democracy in Wisconsin.

      Remember: There is NO right to vote enshrined in the US constitution. It can be taken away, and will be if we don’t use it.

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