Hurley Mayor calls mine protesters the T word


Here’s the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article. I urge you to go there and take their little online poll which asks

Do you agree with Gogebic Taconite’s decision to hire guards with assault rifles?

(Out of state guards who sneak up behind you when you visit the site and surveil campers and wear masks and military garb.)

More on the persons whose vandalism – in the minds of the mine advocates – justifies the woodland mercenaries.

A Stevens Point woman is facing a felony charge for her alleged role at a protest that turned violent last week at the site of a controversial iron mine in northern Wisconsin.

Katie M. Kloth, 26, was charged with robbery with use of force and three misdemeanors Friday in Iron County Circuit Court after police say she wrestled a camera away from a woman videotaping her at the protest at the Gogebic Taconite test drilling site near Mellen on June 11….

Read more:

I can not speak for all, but my sense is that most of the individuals involved with protesting the mine activities are not thrilled to be lumped in with the group that destroyed property at the site in June.


3 thoughts on “Hurley Mayor calls mine protesters the T word

  1. Everyone in this area is afraid to call the GTAC storm troopers “muslims.” They’ve recently been seen in the Washburn area using radio transmitters. Why won’t they answer you? They’re muslims and don’t speak English. Who cares what they are doing in there? Get them out! That coward sheriff says they’re carring gun legally. NO THEY’RE NOT. Fully-automatic weapons are NOT LEGAL! Why is that sheriff so afraid to approach these muslims?

    You Americans are so scared to do anything and would rather give up your rights than fight for them. We fought in wars for you candy asses would have freedom. Now you’re just tossing it away. Maybe you Americans deserve what you get. You bums elected a muslim president, so pretty son you will lose ALL your rights.

    • hmmm Been a while since I heard Obama is a muslim I don’t buy it. What’s the proof? And what if he is one? Last I knew the United States had no laws saying you can’t be a muslim. By the way my dad also fought for our “candy asses”. You ‘n’ my dad are in a very, very big club. I hope you received some assistance getting back to your bearings in civilian life. Veterans are owed at least that

    • Ummm, Wisconsin does allow full auto weapons to citizens that go through the BATFE process for the tax stamp, or those who get other BATFE licenses for manufacture or other purposes. Just sayin’

      Either way, those are semi-auto carbines that are being utilized. And every single deer rifle utilized in that county as well as the entire northwoods or State of Wisconsin is more powerful that the cartridges in the carbines they are carrying. Also, just sayin’….

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