So, the site went down for a while

Sorry the site was down most of Tuesday night.  I put the site through a necessary upgrade.  According to my web host, it now has the capacity to push double the units of freedom through it in every second of the coming year.

In the course of adding some zip to the place, my technician told me I have been a loyal customer of 3 years.   It’s not really true.  He rounded up.  However it is true that I’ve made 1,233 posts and a couple of those were actually good

All right.  *breathing deeply*  I’ll crank out another 1,233.  There’s never a shortage of material to write about given the woodland mine mercenaries, the 24 hour ultrasound rest stops, the charlatan voucher mongers, the corporate vultures, the goggle-eyed Governor, and the Knotzis.

Some of what I write about could (shocker) focus on the inspiring events and individuals that surround us for a change.

There are the folks at the LCO Harvest and Education Camp in the Penokees

and those who fight The Man to fill the rotunda with song 

and the OLB holders of the light

and  workers agitating to “Raise Up Milwaukee”

and the builders of tiny houses for those with no homes in Madison

and the MANY who refuse to give up on our disappearing sand hills

and the millions who simply refuse to give up.  PERIOD.

OK.   Roll that music.   I’m in.


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