Attorney filed complaints today over illegal guards at mine site

“As you can see by the attached letter, the violations are numerous.”

Head over to Woodsperson’s blog. The post is entitled “Attorney Stella Writes to DA and State Re Mercenaries”



5 thoughts on “Attorney filed complaints today over illegal guards at mine site

  1. Had the protesters not PHYSICALLY ATTACKED the mine workers and STOLE their personal property, there would be no need for the security guards. In short, the protesters actually WANT the security guards at the mining site in order to create more chaos.

    • There is a lot of confusion over what the hell these people were doing in June. I’ve heard it all: “they are plants from the government” / “they are plants from the mine” / “they just got worked up and walked over there with no plan at all”. I mean it makes zero sense to me at all.

      • The security force is actually a good thing for the protesters, as they will have more targets to intimidate and more opportunities to agitate. The best case scenario for the movement is to have AT LEAST one protester making the ultimate sacrifice and getting killed by a security guard and the odds of this happening go WAY UP when an armed security force is present. The Attorney who filed the complaint made the filing under the direction of the protest group (funded by ELF: Earth Liberation Front) as cover (somewhat thin, but useful) to the true intention of the protest group. It will be interesting to see how this pans out and whether or not E.L.F. gets their martyr. I hope no one gets killed – on either side. On the other hand, I do hope the protests get violent and bloody, because that shows passion. Violence is necessary as it shows how a person truly cares about others. Violence is compassion for your brothers and sisters and it is a part of human nature. A protest without violence is disingenuous

      • Great. You either are a rt. wing troll, you forgot to take your meds, or you’ve never received treatment [“Violence is compassion for your brothers and sisters and it is a part of human nature. A pro test without violence is disingenuous”] And I’m to believe that you have an insider-level relationship with this attorney. Do you have any other works of fiction to share or sell? Short stories? Novels?

      • Actually, Paul O. the attorney is a space alien placed here by his government to — oh my god, he’s after me, I have to sign off nalsdoijgallgh

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