New mine messaging from Governor Scott Walker / Chairman Mike Wiggins

I give you the latest mine messaging. At the bottom of the post look for some ninja talk and Walker posing in front of soldiers.

Below are two very brief statements and I hope you’ll read them because the difference in tone is remarkable.

Chairman Mike Wiggins refers to “life” 2 times. Instead of “law” he uses the words “respect” or some variation of that 3 times. Scott Walker uses “radical activists” and “extremists” and 4 times he used some form of the word “law”.

Mike Wiggins, Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Chairman:
“There’s a commitment to non-violence that our tribal council asserted over two years ago in a tribal council resolution anticipating that the mining company would be escalating with security and also the actual violence that their mining dreams represent. But with that comes responsibility on the part of citizens to oppose this mine in a way that respects human life. And when you think about the Bad River Tribe’s stance and the tribes in general, it’s been about the fact that water is life, and, respecting that, we also have to respect each other.”
AUDIO LINK [44 seconds]

Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin:

July 12, 2013
For Immediate Release
Contact: Tom Evenson, (608) 267-7303

Statement from Governor Scott Walker on Situation at Proposed Mine Site

Madison – Today, Governor Scott Walker released the following statement on the situation at the proposed mine site in Iron County, WI:

The type of harassment and abuse we saw on the recent video of radical activists at Gogebic Taconite’s proposed mine site has no place in Wisconsin. These extremists – who are disrupting work and causing harm to law-abiding employees – should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I appreciate the efforts of law enforcement in the area and spoke with the Iron County Sheriff to offer any assistance that may be needed going forward. The laws of Wisconsin will be upheld.

Sending a not-so-subtle message about fire-power?
This photo shows Walker at a recent Civil War exhibit opening at the Veterans Museum of Wisconsin.

civil war presentation walker

This stunning quote of Walker comes from a report.

“The irony is,” Walker says, “the angst seems to be focused at the company and not at the people who came in masked like ninjas on personal property violating the law by trespassing in a place they have no right of being and physically accosting people.”

Irony? NINJAS?

I think the irony is that the mercenary-style fellows that were there had THEIR face covered like ninjas! Nothing new in this sleight of hand but – oh brother.

There’s more from Walker and also from Senator Bob Jauch at WRN – which you can figure out leans to the conservative.


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