Poem: Notes from the Ridge

Corrigan's Lookout

A poem by Rob Ganson

Notes from the Ridge

There are monsters in my belly,
monsters on the ridge,
tearing up the countryside
and burning every bridge.

Iron hides in mother’s belly,
gold between her thighs,
and the men who want to blast it out
lean heavily on lies.

There are visions oozing darkly,
dancing in my head,
orange rivers running slowly
where everything is dead.

Manomin yellows in bright sun,
lying sideways in the muck.
Trucks cart poison everywhere
while men patrol with guns.

Gone, the songs of loon and wolf,
gone, the waters, clean and clear,
gone the hunter/gatherers,
gone with all the deer.

Come, the greedy racketeers,
come the Dollar Bill,
come, the days of shame and fear,
gnawing at the hills.

Good men tried to stop it,
tried to save the earth,
tried to win in peaceful ways,
with peace, good will and mirth.

The inland sea died in my brain,
first nations, gone forever,
all connection to the earth,
corrupted, blocked or severed.

You can’t fight greed and lust,
my psyche says to me,
with wholesome love and trust
in laws to save that inland sea.

But I awake with pen in hand
to fight another day,
to find a better way to pray
that people save the land.

The water forms our bodies,
the rivers feed our hearts,
we all must stand against the beast,
all must do our parts.

There are fires in my belly,
poems in my head,
conviction in my muscles
that forest folk have fed.

I’ll face them on the ridgeline,
face them in the courts,
face them with my courage
where Joker’s spirit led.

I’m just a small and simple man,
no hero or saint, no warrior;
can’t beat them by myself,
but if we stand together,
I know somehow WE can

Consider visiting the LCO Harvest and Education Camp located near the proposed mine site. You will be welcomed, fed, entertained, and meet people from the area committed to halting the mine. See a few of the latest updates HERE.

Upcoming meetings concerning mining and environmental issues

A hashtag linked with the camp: #RFKVisitPenokeeHills

Photo credit for photo of Corrigan’s Lookout in Penokee Hills: jchapiewsky of flickr


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