No Onion newspapers printed in Madison after July 25th

In case you haven’t heard yet, following its July 25th issue, that satirical newspaper called “The Onion” will cease publication in Madison, Wisconsin.

I know, I know. It’s insane. The paper was founded here in 1988 but unfortunately nobody ever roped the outfit into staying in Wisconsin the way they did the Green Bay Packers.

Madison is just the latest city to lose its print edition.
In 2009 L.A. and San Francisco editions stopped printing.
In 2012 Philadelphia, D.C., Toronto, NYC, and Minneapolis lost their print editions and in November 2012 the Onion’s national edition halted. In each of the articles chronicling these events, mention is made of decreasing revenues for print ads and The Onion’s increased expansion of digital offerings.

Back in 2010 when Capital Newspapers took over the task of publishing here, Onion CEO Steve Hannah told Wisconsin State Journal that,

“Maintaining our print roots in Madison — as we move farther down the digital trail and straight into TV this coming January — is mandatory,”

“Our Madison audience would revolt if the paper disappeared and The Onion was only available online.”

Hannah is full of hot air on both counts.
All I’m hearing in Madison are “On no!” comments – no calls for pitchforks and torches.
It’s sad.
We could use another good revolt around here.

Read more on The Onion’s history over at this lengthy wikipedia page devoted to the fine news source.

Here’s a piece Joe Tarr of The Isthmus wrote on the situation.


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