Developer put in order for specific properties to Scott Walker days before no-bid sales were OKed

We all saw the writing on the wall with this long ago, didn’t we? *

From a just-out story entitled APNewsBreak: Developer went to Walker on buildings

terrence r wall

“One of Wisconsin’s largest real estate developers wrote to Gov. Scott Walker to express his interest in buying several prominent state office buildings at the same time the Legislature was considering doing away with competitive bidding for such sales, according to newly released records.”

I wonder – could the Governor’s office throw in a few pizzas and some garlic bread with the order?

Here are the buildings requested:
“Wall indicated he was interested in buying the property that houses the Department of Transportation office building in Madison and the nearby state crime lab, which also houses other state offices. Other properties in which he expressed interest include the nearly 150,000-square-foot central services building on the east side of Madison, home to the state’s motor vehicle pool, printing and mail services; and the DOA building along the shores of Lake Monona a couple blocks from the Capitol, which Wall said could be leased back to the state after he buys it.”

According to the web site of Wall Family Enterprise, Terrence Wall’s company T. Wall Properties is “the largest office developer in Dane County”. Wall also serves on the board of Wall Family Enterprise which is wholly owned by Wall family members. Their most well known company is Demco: an expanding global school and library supplies firm located in Madison and Deforest.

Get more on Wall’s real estate requests at AP.

Wisconsin: “There is no provision that would prevent the DOA from selling the State Capitol building.” May 21, 2013 blue cheddar blog


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