Episode 1 of “Where are the Walker jobs?”

Welcome to episode 1 in a series of approximately 250,000 photos (maybe videos too) that I’m going to call ‘Where are the Walker jobs?’

episode 1 where are

At the end of June, Scott Walker was ranked 40th in private sector job growth when compared with other governors.

This is the politician who formally pledged he would create 250,000 jobs to win Wisconsin votes in 2010. He even told Mike Gousha in a grand mal seizure of bravado that “250,000 is just a minimum. It’s just a BASE.” source.

So what is hobbling Scott Walker in his grand plan to prove that private enterprise propped up by public tax dollars is the way to go?

I mean, what more does he need? He gets to treat the state treasury as if it’s an open checkbook by directing WEDC to hand out ‘incentives’ to businesses that were recently shown to be campaign contributors. He’s never even vowed that any jobs would exceed minimum wage, and I swear to god, I don’t think any journalist has even asked him about that.

My guess is his slavish devotion to deregulation at any cost is an Achilles’ heel. He can not require recipients of corporate welfare to create any actual jobs [proven when WEDC’s auditors could not verify that any jobs were created!]. The work-around and healing balm for this small problem is more messaging – like repeating the claim that MASSIVE lack of desirable skills out there means employers simply can’t hire in any numbers. The savvy will notice that Wisconsin has the lowest wages in the midwest [so sayeth the federal gov’t]. Or maybe that’s something everybody notices if they skim the job ads online. Sort of an easy thing to do.

It’s now 2013 and Scott Walker’s jobs “pledge” has turned into an ephemeral ‘environment’.
Check out this image from @MikeLoweReports 07/18/13.
Walker is telling some venture capitalists, “Government doesn’t create jobs, we create the environment to create jobs.”


The thing is in this “environment” the trickle down isn’t intended for all. It’s meant for the exclusive ‘hoods where it’s not needed. Those people can afford to give it back, paying a tribute to the Scott Walker empire they knowingly joined. That’s where Walker makes it rain like cats and dogs and that’s where he will ensure the rains will stay.

This song has some relevance.
[Warning: Contains sexism, foul language, and stereotypes found in gangster rap consumed primarily by a young, white, male audience.]

Photo credit: A shy little birdie gave the top photo to me.


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