Republican choir boy destroys voter registrations, suffers no consequences: Colin Small

voter fraud billboard

How many ways are there to suppress the American vote with impunity? Let me count the ways. First up: Colin Small.

The 23-year-old Republican was seen by a store manager tossing completed voter registration forms into a nearby dumpster in Harrison, Virginia last October. The store manager retrieved the white trash bag which contained 8 complete voter registration forms and called police.

Small was subsequently charged with four counts of destruction of voter registration applications, eight counts of failing to disclose voter registration applications and one count of obstruction of justice. He got off completely scot-free this week when, according to Washington Post “Rockingham County General District Court Marvin Hillsman dismissed the voter registration form charges and prosecutors dropped the obstruction charge on Tuesday”. The felony level charges had already been dropped by prosecution in April this year.

Is it that voting crimes are deemed “a mistake” in easy breezy Virginia? Well, it seems there are clear conflicts of interest between the prosecutor – Virginia’s Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli – and Colin Small that may have contributed to Mr. Small walking away from this with no legal blemish, as documented by The Brad Blog.

Going by this mug shot, you might think Small was given pity because he was just a teenager gone astray from his Republican youth group. However the precocious Mr. Small had multiple professional roles in the Republican Party last fall.

colin small

Multiple sources note he worked for the Virginia Republican Party through the contractor Pinpoint. LA Times reports that he was working as “a supervisor as part of a registration operation in eight swing states financed by the Republican National Committee”. He was doing this ‘registration operation’ under the auspices of Strategic Allied Consulting.

Did an ominous bell sound within your head at mention of Nathan Sproul and Strategic? Because it should.

From an April Brad Blog post:
Sproul’s company, Strategic Allied Consulting, was hired by the RNC in August for more than $3 million, reportedly as its sole voter registration company this cycle. His company was said to have been fired by the RNC and five different battleground state Republican parties several weeks ago, after fraudulent voter registrations began to emerge across Florida. Some of those questionable applications included address changes for existing voters, such that FL election officials told The BRAD BLOG they worry voters could find themselves disenfranchised come Election Day…

Small’s lawyer this week minimized the importance of the initial charges as follows, according to a post that so thoroughly whitewashes, I suggest you add a coat of it to your picket fence this weekend:
“It’s amazing that common sense and wisdom and mercy don’t have a more stellar place in our justice system,” Holloran said. “The Democrats blow it up for the presidential election, accuse the Republicans of committed fraud. The Republicans in our jurisdiction then, you know, absolutely drop the anvil on him … In order to cover their butts, they went overboard on another Republican so they couldn’t be accused of favoring their own.”

According to the same post, Small’s defense attorney also informed the court that Small is an eagle scout.

Oh. The Eagle-Scouts-have-integrity defense. Wisconsin knows all about that.

The Brad Blog has the lowdown on the byzantine connections between Nathan Sproul and Strategic Consulting, the RNC, the Virginia DA, and other GOP grand poobahs HERE.

Local blog post about the prosecution’s conflict of interest:

Good digital whitewash by Evan Bleier:
Colin Small Will Not Face Charges For Tossing Voter Registration Forms – Opposing Views

That right wing fighter of voter fraud, True the Vote, has nothing on this story on its web site right now.


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