The latest right wingery against the LCO Harvest Camp

It’s one of those days. In fact, it’s gonna be one of those weeks when I am supposed to be doing everything BUT be blogging here.

Thus, you’ll see a series of really brief posts coming up. Hope you can deal with it.

deal with it man sliding on plastic

Speaking of dealing, let’s deal with the latest problematic meme propagated by Wisconsin’s right wing with the aid of The Press.

You may have noticed that somebody is questioning the legality of the harvest camp near the proposed mine site:
“DNR Attorney Quinn Williams says they’ve identified issues of concern at the camp, including that a permit has not been issued by Iron County.”
source: WPR

I would like to remind us all that the DNR is headed up by Cathy Stepp at the behest of Scott Walker. Yes, the same Cathy Stepp who managed to get the compliant Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to sound the alarm over spearfishing, which her press releases suggested would decimate Wisconsin’s tourism industry

[It’s not like stripping away the Penokees with explosives to create a pit mine would have any negative impact on Northwoods tourism, right?]

As for no permit being granted by Iron County, well, it would behoove us to learn more about the administration of Iron County’s government and laws.

A great place to start is the post entitled “Iron County DA Has History of Professional Misconduct, Suspension of License for Discipline” at MAL Contends.

Just one of the many things you will learn there is that Iron County District Attorney Martin Lipske was,

“Suspended for Discipline” for two years under the category of “dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misconduct” in 1990


I emailed a Wisconsin attorney friend with the following query:
Isn’t it sorta hard to lose your license to practice law?

The reply was:
Yeah, damn near impossible – neglect of client matters will do it and embezzling from a client’s account will do it big time.Transporting a minor across state lines for immoral purposes will probably not do it. Most attorney’s are disciplined with a private letter. I wonder what he did? Oh, I have a whole raft of questions

I would also like to remind us all of an important historic and legal fact regarding Northern Wisconsin – – where the harvest camp and proposed mine is.

That area is called “Ceded Territory”. It is the right of Ojibwa people to harvest what they need from those lands.


“In 1983, in what is commonly referred to as the Voigt case, the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit affirmed that the off-reservation hunting, fishing, and gathering rights are part of the sovereign rights that the Chippewa Tribes of Wisconsin have always had and that they have never been voluntarily given up nor terminated by the federal government. The courts defined the scope of these rights between 1985 and 1991.” – source: DNR

Finally, I leave you with a few questions the press is supposed to be focusing on:
What will the Ojibwa be able to harvest downstream from the world’s largest open pit iron mine?
What living thing swims in sulfuric acid?
What living thing breathes in pulverized rock without injury?

You get the picture.

Learn More about the Harvest Camp:
Water is Life – LCO Harvest Camp in Penokee Hills


6 thoughts on “The latest right wingery against the LCO Harvest Camp

    • Is there anything more current than 1990? Seems to me he was suspended over twenty years ago, did his punishment, and that should be that unless you have discipline more current?

      • HaHaHaHaHa! You trolls will have to do better than THIS, Trs48!
        “We determine that a two-year license suspension is the appropriate sanction for this professional misconduct. Attorney Lipske repeatedly violated his fundamental professional duty to his clients to pursue their interests diligently. In some cases he did not pursue them at all, even though he had agreed
        to do so and accepted payment in advance for his services. He then misrepresented to his clients that he had taken appropriate action on their behalf. Attorney Lipske also ignored his fundamental professional duty to abide by the rules of this court. He continued
        to practice law while prohibited from doing so and did not cooperate with the disciplinary authorities investigating his conduct.”
        The question raised by Blue about the professional integrity (or lack thereof) of the Iron County DA has NOTHING to do with whether he “served his time” as Trs48 tries to submit as an oh-so-transparent dodge.

        Instead, the information from his suspension proceedings is highly relevant to the issue she raises: “Who does Lipske serve?”

        As pointed out quite effectively by Blue, Lipske’s actions on behalf of GTac and against the interests of the people of the State of Wisconsin are sufficient to question his PRESENT professional integrity as a District Attorney. His past record establishes a pattern here that anyone would find disturbing.

        The charge that an attorney would callously misrepresent and/or fail to represent their client is a highly inflammatory accusation precisely BECAUSE it suggests a significant lack of character and a remarkable corruption of the attorney/client relationship. Indeed, the State Bar finds such an offense to warrant a two year suspension for any attorney engaged in such behavior.

        The record establishes that Lipske is certainly capable of such unprofessional conduct of a type that is determined to be WAY out-of-bounds. And Blue’s reporting raises significant reason to believe that it continues to this day.

        And your attempts to side-step the issue is laughably discounted by two simple words that are only too common in our courts these days in regards to people who violate our laws and professional standards: “Repeat.” And “Offender.”

        Yeah, I’m afraid you’ll have to do better than this to defend the indefensible, Trs48. HaHaHaHa!

  1. Permits for camping are common in county forest lands. It is something run by Land Management departments in the various counties that are managing county lands for funds to the county. It is not a DNR administrator issue, nor is it an issue with the DA and any previous history. Fact is, the District Attorney was elected by the people of Iron County, and the people of Iron County need to elect someone different if a change is desired. That’s our system. The ceded territory and the GLIFWC codes so involved are probably quite limited to actual acts of harvesting, and also quite limited to members of the Ojibwa Bands in the said treaty. There are also various permits that GLIFWC issues for various harvesting activities as well. The treaty isn’t a free for all, it is still regulated through GLIFWC. Overnight camping and other activities by non-Ojibwa are not protected through the codes, nor the treaties.

    • Yeah, and besides, “Treaties are un-American!”

      The quote above is taken from a sign that was held by a PARR participant in the Walleye Wars. Back then, PARR and others also had a certainty about what was and wasn’t allowed according to Treaty in the ceded territories. And sometimes they were backed up in their beliefs by political leaders who should have known better but were too blind to see or too stupid to understand the concept of Treaty Rights.

      As for myself I look to the Courts to decide these matters, not the half-baked opinion of trolls with an agenda who shoot from the hip in hopes of promoting their politics over affirming Justice and the actual Rule of Law. At least quote for me some language from the Treaty documents or legal precedence to support your opinions rather than insult me with “probably quite limited” and “Fact is…” statements.

      And by the way, contrary to your initially stated “fact” the Treaties were never a matter of negotiation between the Tribes and the County Land Management office. I realize I’m out on a limb here because I haven’t recently reviewed the documents myself, but I’ll bet you fry bread to donuts that the Iron County Parks Supervisor is not a signatory to them. I also bet that it is established precedent that the State of Wisconsin and its agents – including the DNR and the District Attorneys – are in fact charged with ensuring compliance to these Treaties. As a survivor of the Walleye Wars, let’s just call it an “educated hunch.” HaHaHaHaHa!

      • I have no problems with the treaties, and have been a part of both the Spearing as well as Netting Walleye harvests. I know quite a bit about the treaties, and what members of the 11 Ojibwa tribes can and cannot do in regards to harvesting. GLIFWC administrative codes will also provide the answers to which you seek. Permits must be issued for harvest activities, may only be done on PUBLIC land that is off-reservation.

        I am well aware of the Ceded Territory, the codes, the history, and was very much involved with them back when Jim was still alive and head of GLIFWC. There are a lot of activities going on that not only do not fall under the umbrella of any of the treaties, as well as people present that have no rights under them.

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