Just another Scott Walker crisis manufactured for cash

Mary Burke isn’t committed to any campaign yet. There is simply talk that maybe she’ll run against Walker in 2014. But never you mind those details because Scott “Gimme Some More” Walker smells cash and that means it’s time for a crisis. A big bad liberal is coming to blow his house down!

From his latest fundraising letter:

“I hope I can rely on your renewed strong support today because this ultra-wealthy, uber-liberal opponent will have enthusiastic financial backing from the Big Government Union Bosses, Emily’s List and out-of-state radical extremists from coast-to-coast. Please write your check for $25 today.”

Do you think he’ll send these letters about the “out-of-state” radicals to locations as far off as Utah, California, Florida…?

That’s what he did last year.

Greg Neumann at WKOW has the rest of the story at Walker campaign using potential Burke gubernatorial run as fundraising tool

Speaking of “Gimme Some More”, I’ll throw this in here.
Note: If you don’t like foul language, go straight to the instrumental version.


One thought on “Just another Scott Walker crisis manufactured for cash

  1. The fact that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin thinks that Mary Burke is a viable opponent to Scott Walker, and the fact that Scott Walker and other Wisconsin Republicans think that Mary Burke is a real threat to Walker, proves that neither the Democratic insiders nor the Republican insiders understand Wisconsin politics.

    If Mary Burke is the Democratic nominee, she would depress Democratic turnout and hand Scott Walker a second term in the Wisconsin Governor’s Mansion.

    Scott Walker should be considering people like Mark Harris, Jessica King, Jennifer Shilling, and Dave Hansen to be real threats to his re-election prospects. If one of those four is the Democratic nominee, Walker will probably lose re-election.

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