Presenting Mark Harris, possible Wisconsin Dem. Party candidate for governor

michael harris
Another possible Dem. Party gubernatorial candidate by the name of Mark Harris is presenting himself for your examination.

Here he is being interviewed by Mike Gousha on UpFront.

Harris manages to succinctly describe the unfair road to nowhere that is Walker’s tax system by using some specific examples within just a few minutes [jeesh, did manufacturers get the red carpet or what?].

He does not exude a lot of charisma or verve. He sticks to the numbers of the budget so I did’t get the impression that radical social policy such as the transvag. ultrasound bill are a motivating factor for him. However, this little video is really not enough to make any sweeping pronouncements. It’s just enough to suggest the guy is sharp, he’s poised, and we should learn more about him.

Harris says he’ll decide whether he will run or not by Labor Day.

Gousha asks Harris, “How do you overcome the obvious financial disadvantage that I think you, or perhaps any Democratic candidate would have against the governor?”

He does not ask if Harris can afford to finance his own campaign as it is rumored that possible candidate Mary Burke can. Frankly, Gousha’s question is a better one since it seems implausible Burke can self-finance anyway.

Wouldn’t Burke have to be wealthy on the level of a couple of Koch brothers and all the CEO’s that Walker has courted for 2 years to independently pull this off?

Aren’t the important questions here
who is the Democratic Party going to anoint as its chosen one
will the DNC kick in money this time?

But those are not questions for polite and public political conversations on TV or on radio.

WPR ran a piece that suggests that Burke’s big pocketbook and potential candidacy has got Senator Vinehout and PFW union president Mahlon Mitchell uncertain about running for governor this time.

Money and the political machines that it runs do the talking in a modern election (all our wistful remembrances of William Proxmire be damned) and given the recent *severe drop in Wisconsin’s public sector unions and the inevitable drained Dem. Party bank account, the money that talks won’t be coming from working people. I predict that the Dem. hierarchy will now genuflect more deeply to the wealthy and to the candidate that appeases the well-heeled.

* Membership in public worker unions takes a hit under Act 10

For a backgrounder on Mark Harris, see Fox Valley’s Nelson, Harris could present challenge to Walker in 2014

Footnote: ARGHHH! Sincere apologies for getting Mark Harris’ name wrong for a few minutes this morning. I initially called him “Michael Harris”.


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