Walker’s approval slips below 50% according to Marquette poll

So tell me.
Are Governor Awfulsauce’s numbers in reality slipping just a little?
Or a lot?
I know based on previous comments here that many readers think Marquette’s Charles Franklin is a conservative hack.

“Walker’s job approval in July stands at 48 percent, with 46 percent disapproval. In May, approval was 51 percent with disapproval at 45 percent. In March, approval was 50 percent with 44 percent disapproval. The three-point shift from May to July is within the 3.7 percentage-point margin of error for the poll. Walker’s approval has hovered between 50 and 51 percent since the recall election in June 2012, falling below 50 percent in three of eleven polls, including this latest one.”

Marquette polled 713 registered Wisconsin voters by both landline and cell phone July 15-18, 2013.

If you’d like to read the rest of the Marquette summary, visit
Obama, Walker job approvals slip below 50 percent in Marquette Law School Poll

Here’s a link to the instrument, methodology, topline, and crosstabs.


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